Furious Hans vs Furious Hans (Pal Flute)


at 0.44 seconds it was spectacular also at 0.58 ?



Is it me or Hans “roll” is twice as long as fritz’s? Seems quite strong.?

And also I can’t believe that an alliance already unlocked the beast form, it barely came out!!



Thanks for coming :stuck_out_tongue: @AwesomestKnightest

It will be a history of gifts.

It is bustling.


Yeah, it does last a lot longer than Fritz


do we get pearls when scrolls & revive is used while Furious Hans defending the castle? If so wow


Edit: I didn’t check the beast stats ?  after checking I get it.



This is Hans’s status of defense beast of LV1.
Defense Pearl is 200%.

I think it is good to look forward to the level of Hans will grow.


Wow cant wait to unlock Hans beast (though its gonna take a lot of time), Thanks for stats Aslan, its gonna rain pearls for you during conquest :wink: . .