Furry Paws Recruiting

Furry Paws recruiting now. Our philosophy is to play and have fun. Have 21 active members and looking to add more. No gem/mandatory donation requirement but do want friendly, active folks.


-Must have more trophies OR level than our member #9. This requirement can be waived if you have a friend in our alliance who can refer you.

Send in application or post here.

We are planning a rapid expansion in coming days. If you meet the above requirement, are friendly, loyal and want to join us please request an invite or post here for one. 

We have one slot (17/18) at present but will keep upgrading to have one slot available for members.

Hey, i got 1800+ trophies and my friend got 1600+, and i see you only got one more spoot, can i join first and he got next avaible spot? :slight_smile:


I will send an invite to oggem. What’s the name of your friend? 

1400++ trophies. ID is Pine.

Can I join please?

Pine, I have sent an invite. Join in the fun :slight_smile:

Thx. Can only donate tomorrow. Just donated to current alliance couple hours ago.

We got some awesome members; couple from this board :slight_smile:

Now we have room for one more. We are at 21/22 (or 22/23…one or the other). Looking for ACTIVE, non-serious (I.e FUN) people. No mandatory donations but obviously appreciate donations for mutual growth. Requirement stays the same as noted above.

I’d like to join please. My id is Joashim. Active player here who plays/donates daily. My current alliance has very few active members and no one chats at all… it’s gets pretty boring.   

O2ash, our requirement is trophy or level greater than member number 9. At present its level 43 OR trophy count >1525. 

I don’t want to lose a good potential applicant though…message me as soon as you hit either of those requirements and I will get you in.

We have opening and are going to expand again. 

Same requirements as above. We do now require 10k or more gold donation daily. It does not cost gems and helps us keep blessings up. Looking forward to meeting new people.