Fury Counter on Member's List, please?

"Newb Enablers" Series

This could be quite useful for war managers during strikes to track Fury balance of members.

The suggested visualization shows both zero Furys for a regenerating hero available Furys for other heroes. 

Please consider.

Thanks. ☺️

I would suggest a sub category in that panel where it shows the score of each of us, vs who we play, what hero we use and amount of gems spent (if possible)… Doing it like:

  1. Neptune24 -------- 1350 pts.

Ajax vs AriesRising—9gems

Other heroes list

  1. Player ----xxx pts.

Perseus vs Player----0gems


We can access the sub category by clicking above a member of our alliance and see his/her real statistics and vs who they got the pts.


ragazz questa cosa è banale… su dai !!! 

io da Generale queste cose le vedo per calcolare le furie usate e come … un po’ di elasticità … 

The more info the better obviously, but as a bare minimum, it would be nice to see who has been attacked the most in your alliance (you have this facility in RR2)  - ie to identify the weak links. As it is the General is blind - it’s not as if a player’s gonna surrender the fact that he got his defences beaten 30 times in a war. 

SS used to have that ability!

Under this thread I’m adding smth else.

Is it possible to have another panel in the alliance menu, where it could show all invites we send to players? Officials can have the access to cancel any invitation at any time or if there could be multiple invitations to a player…

P.s it would be good to see the name of the person that invites u to an alliance and not saying like “you were being invited”.

Please open a new thread. It makes it easier to follow suggestions - thank you!

Well since all ideas/suggestions can not be implemented, I simply added those lines to this topic. 

Hello @Neptune & @Philstar , you have proposed 2 excellent ideas that should ideally be in a separate, standalone topic of their own, so that these useful ideas don’t get buried below in Comments. I believe it’s easier for the Developers to track & close standalone suggestions than the ones hidden in Comments. Cheers, my friends. ☺️ ?

(_ PS : Let me see if I can hijack your great ideas & include in one of my future suggestions…_?? )