Fury generation for each enemy separately

We can have separate fury generation for each enemy. Fury generated for one enemy cannot be used to attack other enemy. So it reduces the ganging in wars. If both the enemies still want to attack us, they can but they have to wait till fury generates.

Could work, but it poses the problem I described with more total VP.

Say I am team A, and I attack 2 enemies, win 7 torches and 4 million VP

You are team B, attack only one enemy, win 7 torches, and have only 2 million VP because you didn’t use that extra fury.

So it could possibly work, if the VP somehow is not counted in total. Otherwise, everyone would attack 2 enemies, even if they lose their islands, just so they can get extra VP… and that complicates things too much maybe. But could be a solution if thought well again.

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VP difference is considered only for bonus torch, we need not bother much about VP metric or we can reduce total VP limit for bonus torch.

Two teams saving all their furies to attack on one team (defender).
This is the main reason for limiting fury per enemy. So defender has some chance to defend some islands at least the 4* or 5* ones.

Thats one aspect and that’s collectively for all teams, so its not a bad thing.

What I am talking about, is in case of a tie. Thats when VP counts for 1st place, both on wars and seasons. Trust me, its a big thing. There is a huge risk involved by selecting to hit a 4 skull instead of 2 skull, to have that Vp to claim 1st…

So you can just hand out more fury, if strong teams will use it to their advantage. In fact, it could be a reference that lower teams only may have something of that sort of edge.

We are discussing several options here, thanks for the additional input. Closing to free up votes.