What we need here is to add a new tower system that will give more motivation to players to evolve and raid.

For example, combine a max level poison tower with a max level bomb tower and u get a mortar tower that casts at a long range poison bombs with a large AoE.

To get at lv.2 mortar tower u need to add a max level firestorm tower, that will give the lv.2 mortar tower higher attack rate. To get a Lv.3 mortar tower u need another max poison tower that will increase the tower’s poison damage, etc. The combination of these towers to make the Lv.2 Lv.3 fusion tower, etc will require blueprints (which u ll get from  special INVENTOR events) and additional only MAXED towers. They r not upgraded only with gold like the rest.

Other examples.

fire tower+bomb tower = napalm tower (tower that throws AoE bombs at a high range, which cause blunt damage on impact and then burns for 3 secs with a chance to cause panic)

lightning tower + blockade = electric fence (blockade that stuns and hurts melee units)

OF COURSE to access these fusion structures u ll need to get the blueprints from the INVENTOR events too

If u fuse existing towers with pearl upgrades these pearl upgrades can be transfered to the towers u combined to the resulting fusion tower.

If u upgraded the range of the bomb tower u used by +20%, then the range of the mortar tower would be +20% as well, if the poison tower was blacksmithed to do +300 damage, then the poison bombs of the mortar tower would have +300 dmg. That would be an extra motivation to use blacksmithed towers, of course u ll be also able to blacksmith mortar tower after u build it too, the max blacksmith upgrade could be reached in both ways.

The only problem that should be dealt with, is to able to built towers NOT on your defence path (and thus at the expense of your kingdoms defence) but in a neutral place within your castle. To do that, I suggest that the inventor’s hut will become something like the blacksmith and have slots, only these slots will allow towers to be built at the same time. Of course the construction of a tower in  the inventor’s hut slots will require a worker. 

Fusion towers will open a brand new AMAZINGLY exciting chapter for RR2 kingdom tower-defence development and FG!!! 


MAX level fire tower+ MAX level bomb tower = napalm tower (tower that throws AoE bombs at a high range, which cause blunt damage on impact and then burns for 3 secs with a chance to cause panic)

MAX level lightning tower + MAX level blockade = electric fence (blockade that stuns and hurts melee units)


This idea is really awesome but probably 100% chance your idea will go in trash.Sorry. Maerique have propose 2 years ago a huge awesome idea Fusion items. That will allow us to create ours items like we have in Olympus Rising with version 4.2.0 with refining items. the idea was if you have a Cape with Speed boost and Start Morale you was able to dismantle a uber to create a Cape with a 3rd perk like Speed,Start Morale and Scream. you know like all awesome idea this was forgotten,ignored and trashed

So Fusion Towers its a good idea but like Fusion items maybe the reason why Flare don’t want to do this. You will have a Hero too much OP and with Fusion Tower a base too much OP. The game is already out of control with unbalance since 3.0 so with you idea its gonna be insane the unbalance you will create. RR2 will be out of control. Nothing to fix all the mess this will create

Nice idea but bad timing. Maybe in 2015 or 2016 this idea should has been awesome before pals and Guardians but now its too late.Sorry not with a dying game

…is really RR2 dying ??? that ‘s soooo sad :’-(

I hope FG won t give up on this game, I think it s the company’s flagship 

Who knows ? maybe a new idea may bring things around

i must agree this is an interesting idea but fusion towers is a little too … to be implemented in the game…

I have faith in RR2’s creative team!!! …come on FG, work overtime, I need these fusion towers ASAP!!!

I gotta say, Electric Fence sounds awesome, although that should be just a new barricade type trap. I suggested an electric fence a few years back, but I don’t think it got great feedback. While this idea sounds awesome, I don’t see a way this makes it into the game. Too much work for both flare and the player

Maybe if they started balancing their units the game wouldn’t by dying!

Did you know the game has an offensive unit called a Gargoyle.  It would be really cool to use it to demotion towers (it’s obvious intention), if it didn’t suck so much!

Or do you remember those ***** arrow towers they made us build? 

What if everything in the game was balanced so it was all useful like a real game?

the worst its they have already create it. I have see it somewhere I think in funny moment topic. You see a electric fence drawing on a paper. they have think about it I guess. Let’s see where this topic will go : Feasible idea or Non Feasible idea

can u upload the electric fence pic?

the napalm tower is also a good idea. Can someone draw and upload a pic for it too?

Haha, sure thing, I’ll get to work on a prototype :wink:  

"Our producer just found a very old scribble he did back then  :grinning:  Sometimes pen and paper is all you need to note down an idea  :slight_smile: "

I imagined the electric fence in RR2 simply as a blockade surrounded by electric charges…but u took it to the next level :-) 

I m curious to see how u r going to draw the napalm tower

Darkerion didn’t draw that, it was made by a dev back at the beginning of the game. The picture was first shared by Madlen

Who know maybe they have drawing the Napalm Tower somewhere but they don’t like it so not add it into the game :lol: