"fyi locked topics"


No, bad idea. I’d rather see necromanced topics, than new ones with the same thing, minus prior discussion. It’s pretty common forum etiquette; search and post on a topic, even an old one, rather than make a new one. And now all those discussions are pretty much lost, or at the least, can’t be continued. I recommend changing them back. Pulling *****, bonehead stuff like this is why people don’t like you Flare…

Sorry, this is not up for discussion. I can give you some idea behind my reasoning though (emphasis on some). Also, the way you have ended your thread and use it to flame again is inappropriate.

Anyways: - the discussions are not lost, they are still there (forum users can get the idea of the previous discussion and based on that new information open a new thread)

  • the game is in constant change, hence to necromance certain ideas from 2015 is from a forum-structure point of view hard to handle

  • and ideas who are not behind 12 pages of discussion with another discussion in it and another discussion in it, will be way better to read and forward ( I am exaggerating here, but you get the idea)

Just 3 of the reasonings. Thanks,