G-5000 feedback (Royal Guardians)


This close-up image was found in front of the Inventor’s building. The King is pretty excited about this new invention!

#serveandprotect #royalguardians


[I will change the title once we reveal more :grinning:


new guard? elephant?)


Preview would’ve been perfect with an expected release date, like movie trailers.


Seems like a lion armor?

Just like the Omega pro set?


Is this a siege beast?


Hi LacunaC,

This is just a teaser image :grinning:

BUT to explain a bit of the background of why it is not so easy to work with exact release dates. (Because trust me, I would love to :wink:

We never know when the stores (especially the Apple Store) approve the new version for release. Yes, we push the release button (that is in our hand) but then it can either take hours or sometimes even days until they wave the version into their store. This makes it not possible to put an exact date stamp. We only can work with terms such as “next week”, “with the next version”, “with the force update”. So, in case we would give a release date, which I did sometimes in the past it is still a bit of a risk, in case the store does not release it that day. 

In console/PC games and the movie industry it works differently, they can plan with a long fix release date because the games have to be in the store, the movie in the cinema, and therefore they can put it into their marketing assets and also have a long time to prepare marketing assets. Sometimes even their release dates have to be adjusted, but that is a different story.

In the mobile gaming industry, however, we have generally shorter release cycles, and therefore different timings for Marketing + the issue with the app store release window. 


I hope this explains it once and for all. :wink:





Very excited for this new Guardian and also happy to see that we’re getting a new one so soon! Looks kinda like the Golem from Clash of Clans to me


A Defensive Guardian…


You can tell us when you guys are planning to push the release button so the community can wait with you guys on the approval together=)


i think it looks like a strong ?  or   ?


I actually think you’re right! A new elephant Guardian! I really hope that you’re right about this!


i mean something like the tank- bear in golden compass … would be nice ?




is true. A big elephant with a awesome armor will be very interesting. Who can stomp every troops on his path 


In information we see that it is an Invention and royaguardian also.

So what is it alive or machine.

Lets say it is Royal Elephant, then what is new invention in this ?



You are on the right track to pay attention to this detail with the invention. :grinning:


Ok, I’ll take a closer look … a monk will be shown … maybe healing skills ❤️ ?



It will be an existing troop/pals transformed into a guardian with the some sort of mechanical upgrade. I accept gems from Flare for the right answer here :slight_smile:  


lol if its a elephant wheres the ears lol ….

something would be there 

Meh I vote for a mythical guardian.



lol if its a elephant wheres the ears lol ….

something would be there 

Ok this is my guess…

Its a trojan horse because its an invention.

And monks pop out as special ability. 




Never notice when I have look at it. his face are on the left with the blue eyes. its not a elephant. you see his nose. 

what we know so far :

  • its not a elephant

  • a guardians close to inventor workshop

  • Monk graved on it

  • Maybe seem to be make of stone?