G.Force, new Alliance looking for a mod, paying $$$ via PayPal.

Hi, I’ve created a new Alliance and I’m looking for members/moderator to help organize and grow this alliance. Will be paying the mod $10/week for their partisipation. Must be active and show improvements. The alliance is currently open. Just join and chat me to further discuss this. My in game name is GeeLulzAlot

can you be willing to pay a kid…I do need a job… 0.o

Yeah I don’t care about age.

any requirements? because I currently lost my account and I am working on a brand new one

That is fine. As long as you can recruit people.


Bump. Looking for someone serious about this. Or regular members who would like to enjoy daily Gem chests.

I cant cuz i dont have paypal

What are you goals I am willing to leave my alliance if we’re on the same page as I’m currently on my own but am running boosts while raiding