[G.O.T.] - Alliance Recruitment

Hey everyone, we are looking to bolster [G.O.T.] alliance’s ranks. At full strength, we were ranked approx. 500 and gaining war rewards. Unfortunately, a handful of players became complacent and under-performed, which led to leeching off others forcing us to clean house. However, good news is that we now are taking players who will produce results along side us!  


Alliance Rank: 552 (as of 7/25)

Alliance Level: 18

+22% Gold Bonus

23 of 23 possible members

+9% Tax


A little about ourselves:

* Switched to open application alliance

* We speak English, have good teamwork, and would love to have some great additions to our family.

* As we continue to grow, our reach now extends globally.

* We can talk strategies or things off topic.

* Base defenses are tested and suggestions offered.

* Currently we run: holy paladin, frost trap, tough barricade, and blazing knight boosts during the wars and some times out of it. We try to accommodate other boost if requested.



What we’re looking for:

-Friendly, team oriented members that are active (we all have lives and understand some days you just can’t log on… or you’re just sitting on the beach for a vacay

-Players to contribute daily gold donations as we can’t grow without everyone pitching in (and we do have people who spend their real money). Extra donations are always welcome

-War Season participation ( 3 battle minimum per fiefdom : each individual must try to obtain 3 stars on to the best of their abilities in addition to working cohesively to win the war)

-King level of 50+

-1,600+ trophies

-Alliance Tower level 4+ (min. 10k donation)



We kindly ask that you accept and satisfy the stated requirements prior to application. Those who do not meet but feel they can and have a plan to do so are more than welcome to message me through the forums in-game. We can easily work something out! Feel free to check us out. On the forums or in game, I look forward to seeing you kings and queens around!

We’re still looking for those in search of a home!



We’re still looking for a couple more players who are in need of a home.

Hey… My wifey and I wanna join you guys. We have our own alliance right now (just us 2 right now). The name is code name : wombat…

We both are 1800+ and 50+ hero level. We both play almost every day and donate 50 and 75k. We’ve also made several of the larger donations in the past.

We don’t want to leave our current alliance without knowing we will be taken by the same one. Also, we like to use the blazing knight elite boost a lot and were wondering if you activate them frequently.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Belleange and Milly…


Hi there Belleange! I completely understand your position with uncertainty as it would be useless to leave your alliance for no reason. That said, although we have had no requests for knights thus far, I’m sure we can accommodate your request. I’m not sure we can run it 24/7 but would periodic activation suit you both? I was thinking to activate primarily during the war seasons and a little less when not that way we can continue to grow the alliance. I’ve already sent out the invites to the both of you in case you are willing to jump on board.


Let me know if there is anything else you would like to discuss! If either of you reject the invitation, I will make a mental note to check this thread for your response.


Either way, accept or reject, thank you for giving us the opportunity. No harm, no foul!  :wink:



Hello iam looking for soms friends


Hello Bart! Before we get started, what is your in-game name? I want to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, we definitely appreciate it! I want you to be fully aware that currently we have one person ahead of you on the waiting list. However, there is an extremely high chance I will be kicking two players due to inactivity. I have left repeated messages over the last week for those players to respond or donate at the very least to let us know they are alive. Though our messages appear to have fallen on deaf ears, I want to give them a few more hours to allow for a response. If still nothing, I will give them the boot and you may have a spot in the alliance. I do not expect you to wait around so if you’ve already found another home, no problem! Otherwise, we’ll be in touch.

Update: Unfortunately we’ve had to remove some players due to inactivity but the good news is that we are now looking for active players in need of a home. We also just leveled opening an additional slot.

Hey I am interested 


King Name: fuman200

1,761 trophie

50k Donate

LvL: 56


I want to know what does your alliance offer?

What Boosts you keep active?

I would like to Join your Alliance. Currently Im the only active member in one alliance and Im bound to leave, informed the leader, but he didnt care so much. shame, Im pretty loyal…Im level 63 with 2024 trophies and upgrading those daily. I log in everyday and like to join the wars and do my part, I always donate. Right now I can only donate 10k, but tomorrow my worker is gonna be free and I will upgrade my tower twice.I really liked your posts and would like to join if youll have me, please reply so I can leave my old alliance and Join yours.Mighty Hail.


Hello Fuman200! I’m not quite sure what you want to know specifically about “what our alliance offers”. We try to help those who want it. I know that’s a broad and generic statement but the best umbrella phrase I could think of at the moment. Specifically, we had some new members who have never seen a war so we explained what occurs, what happens after, how to win, strategies, etc. Many of us work so sometimes the chat isn’t buzzing all day 'err day but it does go daily.


In terms of boosts we don’t have anything set in stone. We have had requests for knights so we started knights, normally we have the pally, and recently the barricade. Trying to level up the alliance as well as maintain boosts is hard on the wallet so we do not have boosts running 100% of the time. At the moment we usually have them running for the War Season for obvious reasons and then occasionally outside of it.


If there is any specific questions or topics you would like to discuss, feel free to post here and I’ll try my best to have them responded to.


As always, we appreciate the interest!




Hi there Xum!


That is such a shame to hear. Trying to maintain active players in any alliance takes work. The struggle is real. However, their loss is potentially our gain! We would love to have you as it sounds like you fit the initial requirements. I’d like to thank you for being honest and disclosing your alliance tower up front. It is difficult to level the alliance and maintain boosts simultaneously so it is definitely appreciated when donations are given to benefit the alliance.


I appreciate your kind words and we would definitely be interested in having you if you’re still interested. If you’re satisfied and would like to see if you like the fit, go ahead and apply to the alliance as I’ve already notified our generals to be on the lookout for you in case I’m not around.


Questions, comments; don’t hesitate. Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.  :slight_smile:



Calling all kings and queens that are wandering, looking for a place to call home. If you meet the criteria above and are interested, please don’t hesitate to chime in!

Hey Matt,


Shoot me an invite.




Update! We’ve just leveled up so we have one slot open at the moment. Please refer to the first post for information.

Belleange if you want I love to have you and your wife to come my alliance we lvl 30 with lvl 6 knight boost 24/7 plus lvl3 tough barricade 24/7 if you don’t believe me you can check our name call Rising Warriors.you can tell me your ingame name in our recruiting post

Two spots opened up. We’re looking for players that will be active for wars, meaning 3 battles per fiefdom. Those that do not contribute donations/war points need not apply. Thanks!

We are restructuring our alliance to better our position for continued success. I will continue to update the top post information over the next few days as we iron out some kinks. However, at this point I wanted to get an early start and beckon any kings/queens that are interested in getting in early before we make a splash. Don’t be shy, if you satisfy the requirements, then give us a try!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated! We’re officially looking for new members to help strengthen our core! We can hold our own and we’d like you to join us in propelling forward!


If you’re currently looking for an alliance and you can war and donate, then don’t hesitate to join! Though we don’t (can’t) force anyone to chat, your words are always encouraged. We want you!