gain trophies by beating all defence!


the new trophy patch is working way better then before, the only bad thing is you still lose a large amount of trophies, because people gain trophies even if they dont beat all of your defence

i dont see islands get occupied by other players, and still losing trophies but cant earn them back! 

my opion is that the players should only earn trophies if they beat all of your defence, not with siege and raid, its to easy with the overpowered gem skills to reach those points!

siege and raid should only be rewarded with gold and dominance and exp for hero, now lower  Ascension levels still have advantage at this point earning trophies that cant be won back by higher. 

only earn trophies by defeat all defence total victory!

oh i forgot, if your defence cant be beaten, they can retry over and over and still earning trophies with raid!

Of course they can, but they have to spend ambrosia and/or gems on that. You can do this too.  :grinning:

I agree that if you lose an attack you lose trophies.

however we can use the siege / raid marks to determine how much trophies that person will lose

dont know if you guys can do the math, if you get attacked 30 times a day and lose 150 trophies and they dont occupie the island how can i earn back  those trophies, all the trophies still dropping to the lower level and lower and lower and so on, why do you think most of top ten are lvl 26 to 45  because they all get the trophies whats dropping down from high lvls because we cant earn those back. whats defence worth if your attacker gets trophies for not complete win.

Yes I agree you should need to fully kill the base to Gain tropheys I get the occasion fight where I might get 25 cups still and today I only got a raid and still 10 cups I could of kept repeating this if I wanted to and was only using one or two invocations I didn’t do it I beat him on my next try but I’m sure this same thing must be happening a lot