gaining exp for levels

would like a few peoples opinions on what good exp gains per fight would be. please.


atm, i have roughly +265% exp perks on my exp set. have also painstakingly scoured the non-alliance lists to create a list of victims who give between 500k - +625k exp per fight.

some of them, i need heal ring, so i cant maximize the 265%. others i can beat easy and maximize. builds also vary, so there is variance.

my list is made up of victims that would give me 170k - 190k exp without any exp boost.

couple things…

  1. i almost exclusively target non- alliance members because some alliances act all like ’ your being mean to one of us, we will petulantly attack you brah and protect are awesomest hero, dude’

so i try to avoid that drama. usually. unless i feel like knocking 300 or more trophies off the shiniest of hitches until they go silent. 

  1. the non-alliance victims in my range tend to be inactives on the 7-8 day countdown before they get greyed out…mostly. so i have to constantly revise my list, but dont really care bout them feelings of internet cool guys anyways. 

  2. am on a mission to level fast as i can. ninja/war rotation has been altered so much that my game is thrown completely off and can no longer find in game resources fast enough to play the way i used to enjoy and do pro for free every week. and im angry brah. really angry bout that brah. come at me brah. im internet game star brah. my gang will destroy you brah.


what would be considered good exp per fight?

does 500k- 625k seem reasonable to level on?

what do the top player bases usually give?

please help. tyvm.

Try to find mummy bases. They give more XP than others. They should give around 800k+, depending on how much time you have left at the end of the raid

if you have only 500k or 600k with over 265% XP perk then that means the base you attack are low XP. I remember when i have with my previous account 175% I get 700k XP and during War Season with XP Bonus 1 Million. So if you say you have 265% XP you should get easy 800k-1M range and more. So try to find base with max stuffs plus Mummy and try to destroy the base with only 30 seconds left or less. to gain max XP each time

500k in one battle is a lot, but if you defeat a high level base, with XP gear, it can give you upwards of 1-2M XP! In the festival, I got 1 million XP on every attack that I won! I’d suggest safely attacking though. If you go to high you’ll end up getting less XP if you lose the attack. High Risk, high reward

ok. tyvm.

the boosts will give more experience? i understand mummies spawn = more exp. but will boosted units and towers give more?


only been playing for short time, so im not strong enough to actually attack top bases.  am attacking 3000-3500.

just wanted to know what i should expect. ty for answers there.

from responses, it seems 190k without any exp bonus is small? this is the best i can get from non-alliance 3k-3.5k and i attack everybody and win more often than not. literally attacking the entire list.

700k with exp boost is the best i have gotten so far.

its possible im just not that good at this game, but needed to know for curiosity sake. 


Yeah, boosts make towers and troops tougher and, the tougher the towers and troops, the more XP you gain. The reason surprise mummies give a ton of XP would be because they are tougher and also spawn knights afterwards

spoke with a top player, and they mentioned 190k was about right without any bonuses for the heros attacked at that level.

am not significantly weak. just passed dungeon vein of gold xxviii today. this is a considerably difficult dungeon with recent nerfs in consideration, and that i only have 2 high end spells atm. hammer 21 firestorm 17. used a level 6 shield as third spell. monk/pyro/wolf. kaiser and fire aura ring with hammer perk. no heal ring.


still need some insight from other players on what they consider decent exp gains. please.

if you can, madlen, please give me a basic idea of how much a boost would increase normal exp on towers and units. ty

That’s not exactly true… The only boosts that make you get more XP are the Necromancer boost (because the spawn more skeletons) and the Mummy war boost (because they spawn knights), for example a level 8 ogre give you the same XP if it’s boosted or if it isn’t, so the toughness of the troops by boost or forges has nothing to do with the experience, only the level.

You forget gargoyle conquest boost.

Yup right find base with Necromancer boost,Mummy Boost,Gargoyle Nest with Gargoyle conquest Boost and the most higher possible. Huge XP guaranteed

With the 3rd phase of this community week, it’s time to attack xp bases, to use xp gear and xp tokens (if possible, I suggest also to use farm token, to fill the chamber of treasure as fast as possible and to watch extra advertisements for extra daily chests).

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