Gaining Experience

Hello guys,


How is experience calculated?

Any ideas or tricks to increase it?


Do you gain experience by defending too?


I am at level 70 and would like to see level 80 sooner. I am aware of Jona telling a buff with the new update but no specifics on it. Would love to know if we gain experience by defending.


Is there a difference how many stars we get vs the experience gained? So many questions…does anyone has answers?



I’ve been noticing the experience gain (mid-60s hero) a lot.  It feels like I gain a level in roughly 1/2 the time as before.


In honesty, I feel the gain was too much.  I just keep noticing that the food cost for attacking is going up very fast and once you max your farms and silo you cannot compensate.


This is perhaps the only game I play where I dread the hero gaining a level.  Every level increases costs, for only very minor stat increases.


Don’t worry, this will change. :lol:

Food will be a killer i guess. Level 70 today and at 163 per attack. Is there a limit for it?


Agree, same for me - The only game in which leveling your hero feels like penalty …

I suppose the FREE food is creating more imbalance to the leaderboard than fair competition, I do feel that gaining a level has become a penalty rather than rewards.

Even reviving the King cost more Gems


Exactly!!.. It’s a pain in the ass.

 I’m levelling up every 4 to 6 days, which is a little bit annoying.

I’m trying to play less, but the thing is, its so hard to find an opponent who has over 500k golds.

which means I have to play more and attack more in order to accumulate

more golds I needed for my upgrades. ,

more raids means more xp.

500k Gold is a dream nowadays. People will be very happy if they get consistant 200k. It mostly is between 100k to 150k for me though. (3400 range)

Leveling in this game is definitely a drawback… It would be nice if the gear would get the ability to reduce gained exp. 

Considering that leveling up, at least in my experience already comes with a penalty of trophies (see the leagues) and gold, I am not very sure what was the initial reason for increasing food costs for attacks. Maybe we can get an insight from the developers on this?

Maybe food cost should be dependent on troops level instead. If you take more advanced troops, you need more resources for them. I don’t see the logic in food being based on hero’s level, other than slowing down pace of the game.

experience is based off the units defeated and towers destroyed a base with no towers and no troops will only offer the experience for the castle gate from what ive seen, also im pretty sure that we dont gain exp for defensive wins.

hope it helps

 This is normal because as you level up , your king gain more HP than before so of course resurrection cost more gems

its a pain but if the attack button does not give me enough money I just go to finding them on my own. I don’t concentrate on leveling up and being top of the leader board or being top of the tornament. I get my fix for death and destruction each fight. some time I get 100% sometimes I only get 40. im in it for the fight not the rank.

Experience comes from the troops/monsters you kill during battle. You can easily test this with two accounts. Make a base that has as many towers etc. as you want but all empty waves. You’ll get zero experience for beating it.

The best way I’ve found to farm XP is find someone with an open base, but who still has lots of strong waves, and go through it very slowly so you beat it with just a few seconds left (to fight as many troops as possible). And then just farm the heck out of them. It’s harder now that they limit the number of times you can attack the same person (assuming you were willing to spend gems to keep buying food as needed).

Hi All


Suggestion: “XP boost hero items”.


If Kings want to level more quickly, they can equip XP boost items.

@shooter, youre goood.