Gaining low medal bonus ???

  Anyone can help me to answer this situation ???.. each raid, i always get the 31 medals constantly, there is no 100-300++ medals everytime  i have kept scrolling the kings. Below is my attachment… Someone pls answer me

Yrs help is appreciated and thanks in advance 

Me too…it is since some update some month ago…I get always 30 medals. If I get more it is because it is impossible to beat

Same for me here, I end up winning 28 medals for almost 90% of my raids. Idk why I can’t get more. The only time there’s more medals to win, the ennemies are too strong for me…

There is a trick to getting more medals. Look for players not in a alliance on the leaderboard that are 500+ more trophies than you. look for bomb towers and gargoyles towers they are crappy unboosted and easy to take down. It help if your alliance has boosts, but was able to do a lot without. You may lose but so what. You will not lose many trophies and may still get 200 medals.

Thanks william22 for good advice… really help