Gaining trophies on a attack loss

I have no idea what the point of gaining trophies is when you fail in an attack. Granted you only gain a few but this basically means defense is pointless now. 

Does this mean I am losing trophies even when my defense was successful?

not trying to be mean but this update is horrible in my opinion.

Due to the tower/troop nerf invocations will dominate your base, doesn’t matter if you have blessings.

they went from one extreme to another. This time focusing on attacks and no defense. You will need to spend a lot of gems for ambrosia to see a gain in trophies with this update.

I think the point is to massively benefit those spending lots of money to buy gems to the extreme detriment of more casual players. To that effect it seems to be working.

However to counter this argument those who do buy gems in game and work hard on beating all these defenses and gaining trophies - they all get lost in a matter of minutes meaning that all those gems were not worth it. Crazy circle which has made this trophy system just insane. The top ten that ive been looking at alll day has changed so much that there is now basically a brand new top 10, the trophy system has gone form one extreme to the other. Its crazy.

Being able to gain trophies while losing an attack is an issue. Players will abuse this and get only about 1/2-3/4 into a base and still get trophies.

i strongly believe that if you lose an attack you should lose trophies. I’m not saying losing 30-60 like before update but a more reasonable number 

all this does is upset the players that spent gems upgrading their defense to the max only to lose trophies with almost every attack on it

trophy system is still unbalanced and now favors those willing spend gems to get ambrosia for attacks. From what I’ve seen if you don’t spend some gems on ambrosia you will be on a downward trend on trophies.

I’ve lost 500 trophies in the last 2 days. I’m currently losing 10 to 15 trophies every hour without losing an island. Even if I take an island I only get 10 to 20 trophies. The only way to improve the situation would be to buy gems with dominance as a bonus to expose more areas. That’s obviously what many people are doing given the people I see with 70k + dominance. The change made appears to be a fairly cynical attempt to get people to pay for more gems. For me, it’s turned a fairly enjoyable game into something very frustrating.

I agree with both these quotes

Seriously spend a good amount of time grinding trophies yesterday and have well over 3000 which i was dead chuffed about. I knew this would happen though, popped myself off to Bed and woke up with the below: MINUS 250!!! All the work i did yesterday, all the grinding, all the spent gems (yes i spend some money on gems) wasted overnight, completely wasted, Minus 250 trophies… I’ll probably log back on to see I’ve lost another 44 or something. There are so many people losing high amounts of trophies its really off putting… -250… I mean come on! That’s on average now 25 battles a day to get back to where I was yesterday, not counting all the trophies I’ll lose in a day, honestly put it back to the way it was when your defense actually meant something… 

In my opinion this update was horrible. Many people,  from my alliance are about to quit playing, due to latest update and how trophies system works now. It can be very frustrating now, because trophies are dropping down without losing any islands. 

I see many bases now removing their defensive building from the base, because you can’t gain any trophies anymore on the defense.

Hopefully, they will fix this soon…

It’s good that we can get more cups now. Higher ranked players should earn less cups against lower opponents, and lower players more. It’s crazy that I can steal cups from someone with negative amount of -cups. If they wanted more gold available I think they could have just increased the loot from winning. To be on top now you have to attack all day. Suck to wake up and see your below zero cups. 

Scylla way to powerful now. Pretty much wastes most things now. Defence seems pointless anymore. Haven’t won one defence since update that I’ve notice which seems really sad. I failed to destroy one gate today and still won cups from someone far lower ranking. Game won’t be fun if we can’t compete because we have other things like work and family.

Feeling stink I put money on.

Far fewer people from my alliance logging on now. It sucks to log on and find that you’ve lost another 200 trophies but not lost an island and have no way to get them back. Real shame that in their efforts to suck even more money out of playrers Flare have wrecked what was a cool game and made it simply a money sink.

[edit] and in the time taken to post this gained 3 gems at the cost of 12 trophies but still not lost an island. Why are they getting more trophies from failing than I can get from taking an island?

I seen before great game like this one fall apart, because of the updates as the last one. Developers your community ( PAYING CUSTOMERS) is talking to you and we trying to point on the mistakes made with the last update. 

We hope  that you will listen what we are saying here and we hope you will implement fixes for the issues that we are all expiriencing with the game.




You get players that are below your level on map? I don’t see that too often. I’m still seeing players 15 levels ahead of me, doesn’t really matter though since invocations will destroy any base now.

ive seen few people with negative trophies also… If this continues for a couple more weeks I’ll be proud to be in the positive and not negative. ?

Olympus Falling 


What I meant was not the ascension rankings but overall cup rankings. I hardly ever see people below my ascension level. How can I steal cups from someone who doesn’t have cups. 

Im trying to say that if you have less cups than your opponent you should be able to score far more cups than if you attacked someone with less cups from you. Same with defence, if you lose to someone far higher ranking you shouldn’t lose to many cups but if you fail at destroying some one lower in cup rankings that when you should lose lots of cups.

I don’t think cups should be based off ascension level but where your placed on the leader board.

Sorry I wasn’t clear before.

No worries - I agree with this 

But there are players who are 15 levels ahead of me with fewer trophies than me. That is going to be a tougher battle than someone who is around my level and has more trophies than me. 

With this update you could implement a hall of fame trophy system but keep in mind a person could have a maxed out defense but not attack that often resulting in a low trophy count. A person could have a weak defense but be spending gems and attacking non stop and have a high trophy count

Just an idea for the trophy system

when you lose a raid you lose trophies

have trophies earned/lost based on Ascension level and hall of fame

also have a lost attack be based on % completed. This % would be based on your base total health points. Example: an attack can give you 15 trophies if won and 1-10 trophies if you lose. Let’s say you lose and destroy 50% of that base total hp, you would lose 5 trophies. You only destroy 20% you will lose 8 trophies… Etc

dunno if this is good idea or not but just an idea

Its as if these developers dont even play their own game. I went from top 100 player at level 73 to below the top 1000 in two days. Every time i log off i come back down anywhere from 100-500 less trophies . I understand not having pay to win but i definitely dont understand pay to lose. The higher my ascension level goes the more trophies i lose. Dev’s are you retarded? Did you even say that last part out loud before you updated the game? THE MORE MONEY WE SPEND THE MORE WE LOSE. Pure idiocy. I’m definitely done with game till theres a change. I see no point in logging in to grab 50 trophies only to lose 200 by the time i log in again. 

This update is bullshit, i have been away for a funeral all weekend and i am down over 700 trophies since before the update.  You really screwed this one up flaregames. Reset all game data back to before the update or you are going to lose alot of money players. I know most of my alliance is ready to quit. FIX IT!!!


The trophy system is poor, you are gaining less trophies, but you’re losing more, and the developers are sitting quietly.

Yeah Devs  my alliance alone has already had 4 or 5 players quit the game since the update…this is coming from a Top 5 alliance. I haven’t been as harshly beat up trophy wise from the update as some but I am literally afraid to build into Ascension 50+ people are just getting wrecked and losing so so many trophies. The systems messed up, you need to bring some balance to it or your player base will disappear.

Ok, so I’ve been a bit stupid. I couldn’t work out why I was losing so many trophies without people taking my islands so I could attack them back. I’ve now realised that, as long as your goal is trophies rather than money or loot, the new trophy system allows people to attack people at a much higher level. The invocations basically overwhelm any defence. Then, when they get to the gate, they can quit out, reap a number of trophies, without actually taking the island which would allow people to attack them back. It also allows them to wait a while and do it again. Please fix this. You shouldn’t lose trophies for DC’s but you certainly shouldn’t be able to use it as a tactic to gain trophies at no risk.


however from what I read on forums even when a person attacks and successfully completes your base there is a % chance that they will take over it on your map. If your island is taken over, the person who attacked it will most likely not show up on your map, it will be filled in randomly with a higher level than you

But what you said is also how I believe most people are in the 3k-5k range of trophies (along with an large amount of gems). They find a higher level they know they can beat with a large trophy reward and repeat