Gaining trophies without destroying the gate?

I attacked someone today and destroyed 68% but not the gate. The strange part is (for me at least) I gained 6 trophies instead of losing. Is this normal or some kind of bug?

I don’t know if this section is appropriate for the question. If not please move or delete it.

you must have attacked a player higher level or much stronger than you. the battle would probably have given you a large amount of trophies and medals if you had of completed 100%

Yeah, it is normal…sometimes it happens that you got 45% and loose (if you are the defender) or gain trophies…it depends with who you raid…level of king, power of the base, morale points of the waves and so on… :grinning:

Thanks for the answers. Yeah he\she was stronger than me. If I won I would have gotten like 600 medals and 35 trophies. But instead I got 300 medals and 6 trophies :slight_smile:

For gold and medals, you gain the percentage of the full rewards that your progress in the base is - e.g. a 68% raid will give you approximately 68% of full gold and trophies.

For trophies, it is a bit different, as you can also lose trophies. 0% in a battle = maximum trophy loss; 100% = maximum trophy gain. Everything in between is just somewhere between those amounts as well, like 68% is “68% on the way from maximum possible trophy loss to maximum possible trophy win for that raid”. Now, if the maximum gain is higher than the loss as your enemy is considered a lot stronger than you, then you can even gain trophies with a relatively low percentage on your attack.