Gala or Flare -- Please Help RE: Granny One Day Offer

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I have a one-day offer of special Granny Items, but I don’t have enough open slots to fit all the items in. What will happen?  Will new slots appear? Will I lose the items?  

Makes a difference in whether I purchase it or not.

my alli friends got 5 new slots (they had no free space)

Thank you.

Update: So I bought it and got the slots.  I did not get the 3,000 gems, though.  Will file a support ticket.

Seems like an awful deal to me. Half the equipment is worse than what I already have, and then the others are the same equipment that I have with a tad worse stats

One item is better, but I get to melt the rest.

And I also get 500 more gems than usual (assuming I get them), the pearls from melting items, five kaisers to help the team, and five new slots worth another 1250 gems.  So it was worth it to me since I wanted to get some gems before the Blacksmith event to speed some stuff up, but wasn’t gonna spend more than $20 anyway. YMMV.

Yeah, it seems like a decent offer considering gems and slots. Gold or pearls from items or those pals are just an addition. It comes for a cost of 2.5k gems package so it is already a good deal if you are planning in buying gems.

I bought mine today and I didn’t get the wisdom scarf and I even sold my old one to make room for the new one and poof when I logged back in to the game after work the new one that I just paid twenty dollars to get was not in my inventory and I’m certain that flares not going to fix the problem and recredit the missing item they’ll come up with some excuse and say it’s my fault or something most likely anything other than what I requested which is the item back that I’ve lost. So most likely I’m going to be deleting Royal Revolt 2 after tomorrow because of it and I will have to embark on a long journey of fighting to get my money back which won’t happen flare will keep it I’m certain of it. Signed frustrated

Charles send a ticket as a curtesy

Then through your store have the transaction reversed/ refunded.

I have had a problem like this before and they just do nothing in my experience… Take the revenue away from them and if it happens enough then 

they will be motivated to resolve these issues. right now they do nothing and still get paid? 

Its a pity as its a fun game poorly managed and cared for.

I wish I had read this yesterday. I got the same offer and wondered the same thing. I ended up buying additional inventory slots since they were half off. I was hoping it would work like the Cave of Grave Goods when you have full inventory but I was afraid to take the chance. At least now I know for next time.

Yep that’s flare for you. It’s simple really if they screw me I’m out for good I will delete the game and download a real game like Fortnite. I’m tired of dealing with flare and their inaction and unwillingness to make things right they do nothing so I’m prepared to leave the flare family for good who wants or needs the aggravation of getting screwed and getting ripped off by a game that’s supposed to be fun. I’ve invested over a year and some money into this game just to now hate it with flare not fixing but one issue I’ve ever complained about. It’s going to suck not having this game anymore. Good luck guys may your experiences with flare be better than mine peace.

Hello folks,

We are speaking to Granny as of now to see what she has been up to! (In other words, the team has been informed of this problem and it’s being looked into).

In the meantime, please contact our customer support and give them as much details as possible :

Thank you,


Thank you Gala Morgan you give me hope that flare will fix things and return the item I’ve lost it’s nice to have a little hope also I have contacted support so we shall see. 

Tell me, will I get free slots? It is still not clear, is it worth risking and buying an offer with a full inventory???

I got the free slots when my slots were all full.


  1. Someone in our alliance bought the One Day Offer, which includes a gem purchase. 
  2. The Alliance Tower event promises chests for gem purchases.
  3. No one in the alliance got a chest for the One Day Offer gem purchase.

Do chests only appear for straight gem purchases, or for all gem purchases?

i have bought this offer and i have received only granny items, NO gems and NO pro tickets or pro chests!! I’ve just send ticket to support. fingers crossed

i believe buying special offers should count as buying gems if gems are attached to bundle- just my 12 cents

The tickets and gems come in chests.  You have to open the chests to get them.

dummy me :wink: ive just noticed that, they were at the very bottom of my chests list… had 30+ of them, my fault.

Still it didnt counted as buying gems and people didnt get alliance chests… shame, it wasnt small purchase. maybe because gems were inside chest and did not went straight to my account, had to open chest and it was like a drop from it? ? it still should work as buying gems-  money spent----> 3k gems gained = purchasing gems