sorry for Lord Barnot 

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Lol, Barnot, is this a football at the cocodrillo’s tail?

Ahahaha, so you have a Genie as well…

This reminds me of a joke:

A junky finds a bottle on the beach. He opens it and a genie pops out. “Three wishes you have, my master”, says the Genie. The junky thinks for just a fraction of a second and replies: “Two big joints for both of us”. Two huge joints appear and both of them smoke them with much pleasure sitting on the beach. “Your second wish. my master? This time think of something important, only two wishes left”. “Two big joints for both of us” replies the junky instantly. Again, both enjoyed two big joints. “Well, master, you have only one last wish left” said the genie “Think thoroughly before you wish”. “It was real good stuff” said the junkie, “another two big joints for both of us!”. The two of them sat on the beach enjoying the last joints.

“Well”, said the genie, “I’m sorry master, but you have used all your 3 wishes, no more wishes left, so I must tell you good bye friend” and the genie has disappeared into his bottle.

The junky, whose head now was full of the good stuff he smoked, sat alone on the beach for half an hour, looking at the sunset. The bottle lying beside him…

Suddenly, the genie popped out again… “OK, have your fourth wish”…


LordBarnot - you should get a price for this. Very enjoyable.

Hahaha… Barnie! Welcome back to the forums. At last you found time to post these…  :wink:

Hahahaa you should be awarded with the MatLab award rofl  :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome Photoshop  :lol:

Photoshop?? @LordBarnot made this with MatLab!!!  :lol: :lol:

Don’t know how he did this, but that’s still great !

No MatLab!!! Waterbed serial piercer!!! -_-