Game aborts when Hades gets to Gate Keeper

I’ve now had my game shut down three different times just as Hades reaches the Gate Keeper, losing 15 points and associated rewards each time. And then Hades’ cool down period starts up so I can’t initiate a new battle for 22 hours. I have not experienced this with any other hero. Please investigate and provide me with compensation for lost value. Thanks.

Known bug. Some sort of overload if the army is too big. I’ve found leaving enemies at the start of the bridge and letting your crew fight them while walking past them with Hades so he gets to the gatekeeper with less of an army can help prevent this.

Hi @Heptathalon I had the same problem few weeks back. But, it got corrected, when FG released the 4.0.2 update. As soon the hero reaches the GK, the game would crash. I would advice you to re-install the game and update the phone, if new drivers/software version is available and also to update the google play games thingy… Now, I am not having that problem anymore… 

From  what he has said, I am not sure if that’s the case… If there is an overload in the units deployed, then the units pointer on the top middle road map disappears due to the phone not being able to process that much as already explained by @CaptainMorgan in a different problem that I earlier posted…

Thanks for your replies. I’m actually running the game on an iPad, which has the latest iOS software update (11.4.1) and the latest OR update (4.2.0). @CaptainMorgan, can you look into this? Thanks.

Actually there is another topic about this issue

But no answers…and it’s friday now…happy weekend to everyone ??