Game chat. Please!!!

please fix the game chat.

we still reading messages from two weeks ago.

its so f* annoying. 

Write to technical support. This should have been a week ago.

@CaptainMorgan and @GalaMorgane

Same issue here.Please could you do something about it.

Thanks for that,

It has been reported and we will make sure to investigate.

Many thanks,



I’m playing on iPhone6 and the messages in different colours are unreadable!

makes communication with my alliance just impossible! it affects how we coordinate for strikes as we have no idea what some members write on chat (the blue colour is particularly bad. but overall all fonts are too small and difficult to read). Massive chat drawback.

please fix it guys!  @GalaMorgane @CaptainMorgan



Aelena, general of House of Athena

@CaptainMorgan @GalaMorgane please make the game chad is fail, small all 

I agree with @Aelena - the new chat design is terrible - completely unreadable - do you folk not do UAT?? Please fix asap @CaptainMorgan

Yes, black background looks better. Player names should have bigger font still. 

Thanks for looking into it. 


@CaptainMorgan when you click on the “i” next to a player’s name in the chat menu it still takes you to the alliance main page instead of the player card

Yes, this still happens when a player leaves or is kicked. It will hopefully be fixed very soon, but requires a server update.

I did not get my 100 gems from participating in the “Shape your future! - 4.0 special contest.” I know it is not much but it is still 100 gems. I provided my IGN and alliance name when I posted my idea on the thread. Please @CaptainMorgan

Sometimes it takes a few days for the rewards to come out.

I’d also like to see the info link for people who are applying to an alliance and those that have rejected invites.