Game Crash at startup

So when I open to play RR2 now. I get the black screen with the image, then it closes itself out. That Simple. I have ran numerous scans, uninstalled and reinstalled, running windows 10.

I play the game on my phone but is keeps shutting down. 10x now… I have a war to fight.


The crash issue is known, unfortunately.

There should be something about it early next week. :grinning:

Hello guys,

I just have finish a battle at Dungeon to upgrade at 5 level Ogre but when I finish the battle game crashed… I was consuming a lot of gems and Ogre still has 4 level instead of 5.

Can you help me, please?



Normally if you restart the game you should see your Ogre at level 5.

Still no fix! my game crashed on load up again, freezes on “connected” image, hopefully it’ll right itself in a few days like last time. Until then I have to play through Facebook… Yes I can load n play in Facebook but not through my desktop windows 10. :slightly_frowning_face:



Use Bluestacks and download the android version on your PC.

It plays even smoother than windows 10 version in my opinion, also because it isn’t fullscreen. :grinning:

I like the full screen I normally play on my Win 10 desktop (bad eyesight!), when it doesn’t load I play through Facebook (Google Chrome) on about a half size screen, which I hate, but it’s better than not connecting at all and so far every time this happens a few days later it clears and I’m back on my full sized desktop version. 

Never tried the facebook version so no idea about the resolution.

The big benefit of Bluestacks however is that it allows Tapjoy and video free gem offers.


Just note that Bluestacks isn’t fully supported by Flaregames.

many thanks. hadn’t heard of bluestacks before, but I’ll take a look, cheers.