Game crash happens more often

Hi, dear, many of my friends are talking about how often the game crash recently, so I would like to bring this up, see if the dev. team could find anything or any clue to improve stability.

  1. I think most of the players having this problem are playing in China. Since Android app doesn’t have this game available in China, I assume almost all of them are iPhone users.

  2. The problem is having game crash for no reason, some of them gave up the war just ended in last weekend because of this.

  3. I don’t know if this is 100% true, but the complains show up after 3.8.0/3.8.1 were introduced.

  4. There’s also connection problem when open the chests, including war chests, odyssey chests, and video chests. They lose internet connection to the game, NOT when they get the chest, but when they try to open the chest to get the stuff in it. It usually takes several times to finish collecting the items in the chest, open it, see item, lose connection, re-start the game, try again, get maybe 1 or 2, and then lose connection again, need to try again.

Hope these info. help. Although I’m not affected, but really hope there’s someone could resolve their problem, as their lost/not able to play don’t bring any benefit to anyone.

Two friends just complained today.

First one is talking about lose connection and then reconnecting, happens all the time, especially when opening the chest.

Second one, the Chinese in the middle saying “bad connection” so he’s hanging there, this screenshot showing he’s trying to enter the harbor.




Same problem here… lost almost 50 trophies today cause of this 

Yep, I confirm MANY more crashes on iPhone. iPad seems to work fine, but I often get crashes after starting the game for only a few seconds even.

yah, and it also happens during the war, so this is not affecting himself/herself only, but actually do harm to entire alliance, especially when the one has problem is the stronger member in the war. 

On android seems it’s not happening! You just fought me though! You 're 13 lvls higher than me :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, sorry, nice to know you. I’m not very strong actually. now leveling my Cadmus up. And maybe I give you some gems as a gift? if your Nyx tower seems difficult to handle to me by autoplay.

I’m obsessed with nyx tower! There is a way brake mine btw!ill not tell you how to do it But I’ll give you a tip for similar defences! Don’t try to with Prometheus! You 're gonna use invos if you can’t brake half of defence without using troops :slight_smile:

The game crashes very often this week, usually when I’m forging items. 

No problem on my side on PC and Ipad. Maybe the problem on IPhone?