Game crash on war screen

Symptom: Game crash on war screen.
Game ver.: 5.3.3
Machine: IPAD Pro
OP: IOS 13.3.
IGN: Levia(hun)

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check your wifi repeater… if internet is finally working SMMOTHLY and you still find this on screen then throw away that iOS. World has better phones than that :smile:

Ok. It’s not phone, it’s TAB. I think the best.

Ok is TAB… was your internet the problem? Or if it was not then your TAB does not receive the internet signal… not as it should normally… or you are low on memory… which if it happens with an iOS then in the first case (antenne is damaged) then throw it on the window, buy a new one or if you are low on memory on iOS then is an old version, very old.

so question was “your internet is now ok?” problems disappeared?

I’m sure it’s not connection and not TAB or IOS.
Connection is 500/25 Mb and fully functional.
The TAB is almost new and the latest model. IOS is the latest and not beta.
The crash presents only since last game update.
Thx your questions and your helping.

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Do you have a mobile service running behind? which auto updates and when it happens it stops the wifi loading process and then your game crushes? Is your DEFAULT connection set up to wifi? Can you stop the mobile connection when you play on wifi and see if the game runs better?

We know this is an issue and we hope to fix it with the next version (should be this month).


I have no mobile connection on TAB, only wifi.

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