Game crash reports

Whenever I switch out of the game via  Alt+Tab , to go check on youtube, windows folders, etc…

The Windows app automatically closes by itself (crashes), forcing me to open the game again and wait for the login time.

I hadn’t reported this issue yet because I thought it was some mechanism or whatever to prevent cheaters from exiting the game…

But after checking the Windows Event logs, I just confirmed that this is a critical bug.

In-game name:  ShadowsGuardian

Game version : 4.5.0 on PC

Bug frequency : 99% of the time I switch between windows, example:


4 times in just half an hour 

Date : 24 February 2019

OS Device : Windows 10 PC - Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.316)

Proofs below :


I don’t know what the game is trying to do but…

On a basic analysis, it seems that one of the game sound files used by the graveyard layout… is broken (or missing)?

I hate this bug… a lot. So I hope these files are more than enough to kill this annoying bug :slight_smile:

PS : Besides the screenshots, there’s also a crash report file in attachment.


I don’t have a solution to your bug (obviously, because I am only the community manager haha) but I just wanna say thanks for providing all of the extra information! Very useful!

No problem lol

Hope to hear from you soon :grinning:

I switched today to the Volcano layout, hoping it would magically solve this problem.

Unfortunately it didn’t.

Same error, but with a different base layout file.