Game crash with this new update

Ign: haskialen

phone : Honor 8

Android 7.0

I have tried to attack some random guy, and game has crashed 4 times in a row  (lost about 100 trophies)

On my main screen I have 5189 trophies, and when I click on “members” or “leaderboard” , there I have 5173

Please be aware that while the update is downloading from your store of choice, the game will still load, allowing you to play.

this one is pretty good size and can take several mins even on the best of devices.

If it completes while your in game it will close without saving whatever your doing in order to reboot.

go to your store and check if the update says its done (4.4.0). the whole shebang is about 150 in size.


Version is 4.4.0

I have.downloaded it yesterday but I just played dungeons and doing other stuf, not fights until now 


Now I downloaded version 4.4.1.

I hope it will be better now ?




Nope, nothing improved with version 4.4.1., still crashing in the middle of the fight 

I’m giving my trophies to lucky players

Now I hope that I will be attacked by the players with same problem ??


I have 4.4.1 and i my game was crashed in middle of game three times when i use donkey. 

Please will repaire this game

Same here. With donkey, if that matters, game crashed at least 6 times. Lost about 200 trophies. Ign fishmonger the ll. Lumia 950. Same was with 4.4.0 as 4.4.1

The game is crashing in between the battle, it will hang and throw us out. Already lost lot of trophies because of this and we don’t want to face this issue during the Conquest war! Fix it please.

Ign : ÄjêsH TîtàÑ

Device : Moto G4 Plus

Os : Android Nougat

When I play with “sultan” guardian, everything is fine

I gues ,problem is in donkey

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting all the issues.

For those of you who haven’t written any information about the devices (operating system + version) you’re using, could you please do so?

And do the crashes only occur when you’re using a Guardian? And if so, does it only happen when you’re using the Donkey or does it also happen with every other Guardian you have?

And if possible, could you also send us your logs or crashdumps?

Thanks in advance for your information :grinning:


@haskialen Thank you for this information. :grinning:


While I have only donkey I can not give information when using other guardians, but game crashes with donkey only when it is activated. At least for me

Hey guys,

For those who haven’t sent their crashdumps or logs yet could you please do so? We would appreciate your help. :grinning:

Thanks in advance.

Locking this thread because there are threads open about the game crash already. If you have any crashdumps or logs that you have to share with us, we would appreciate it to be shared in this thread:

Thank you! :slight_smile: