Game crashed when I destroyed portal

The game just crashed and started reconnecting as soon as I destroyed the portal on first island. When logged in again, see that I failed even to get a single crown and my attack got wasted. It is showing as server maintenance due in 9 mins. Firstly we have hard time in accessing the ninja event and then I face this problem of game crash. Poor planning by FG and we have to pay for that. Frustrating ?

Just similar to me on second island.

Crashed before Chamber, not possible to get Coins… :frowning:

Therefore no chance of a good Ranking…very annoying Flare!


I’m out of attacking chances. What to do now. No more attack 3/3 finished.

How do I play this event further?

Did you use all the attacks on the first island?

Now, my game crashe after each CoF. But I still get my coins. Oh well…

i just crashed in the 4th island, awesome…


Did you have that gained coins accumulated to your regular caoins won by successful victories? Because game crashed on my first island and later I saw some coins won out of 5050 but when I raided it again and second island, the first gained coins didn’t not add up. What is with this FG events?

Compensation season anyone?

Out of five island, I got five crashes after the COF. Luckily, I still got all my coins.

For the crashes please post here: 

Also, please contact the support, as they got means to help you out more than last time. :grinning:

I m out of attack because of the crash. It shows 3/3… In the first Island…

What to do now?

How to play the event any more?


you mean that I need to contact support after each crash, and continue spending gems to open all chests 100%?

no, thanks :angry:


You need to think about it, not us!

in-game name please?

Its strange but after the maintenance its shows 3/12. I’m in the first island with 2 crowns.

Is it still crashing?

Coz m short of 3 chances.

What to do?

Please send me your in-game name.

Also, verify that you updated your game to the version 2.5.3.

If the crashes remain, answer the questions in the topic I shared earlier, as it will help the dev team.

I got crashed in the first ship. The game got exit. & again in the 5th island COF crashed . Same game exited…

Thus is not done… :open_mouth:

Increase the attacking chance.

First five island all screwed up…

now the game crashes after every cof…


One alliance member had 7/7 crashes AFTER CoF. He can go on fine for now …

I’m at 8/8 crashes. Still at max possible coins.