game crashed when i win

hi, i use window pc, and since last event the game crashed when i win very often. someone can explain me why is happeing that?

I think it is related to what units you use. Not event.


If it is a bunch of small units (left alive at the end) - game crashes at final screen

so… there is not a solution? do you have the same problem? what do you do ?

I think we all need to write a much requests to tech support.


Problem exists many weeks.


I trying not to create small units near the end of battle.

And/Or use more big units in attack (ogres, wolfs)


And, of course, remove all unneeded apps, that stays in memory, and creates additional problems to stability of the game.

the past week i sent 4 mails to flare but i didnt receive any answer, thy just ignore me , i use window pc and i remember sent a mail before x-mas about the same problem but now is worse than ever.