Game Crashes and Guardian Problems

Ingame name: Villhelm3 Alliance: Knights of the Realm Device: Laptop The newest version of Royal Revolt 2

Hello! In this post, I am going to list many of the problems I have been experiencing:

Number 1: My Guardians need to up their game! (happens every time) Trusty the Sled is impossible to use on my Royal Revolt 2 account. I can begin the game with him, but when I click the icon to activate him in-game the game crashes. Hmmm… I can reload the game again and I can also buy more of him and update, BUT I can’t use him.

Number 2: Alliance inbox or Mailbox. (happens every time) Deleting one or two email/notifications in the inbox is fine but when multiple are clicked in a row quickly, the game crashes.

Number 3: Blacksmith (happens every time) When I try to melt down something from my inventory, the game crashes! AHHHH!!! This does not happen, however when I melt things down directly from the Blacksmith shop. only in the inventory in the Throne room.

Number 4: THE GAME WON’T WORK NOW!!! (for the past three days) Maybe this only happens on my device or maybe I am crazy and am doing something wrong, BUT MY GAME WON’T EVEN OPEN NOW!!! IN FACT, IT HASN’T OPENED FOR 3 DAYS!!! And I am losing progress!!! What if I get Kicked from my alliance??? And is it only my laptop that is not working? or the game!!!

What is going on? And is anyone else having these problems?


Hi @Villhelm2,

Thanks for posting this. Do all the issues still occur?

And could you please send us what specific device/laptop you’re using?