Game crashes when attempting to kill the GK

I need to report a bug in the game that has happened to me more than 4 different times in the past 14 days.

I play the game with iPhone 8 Plus/ running iOS 13.1.3
OR version 5.2.0

My game name is Starcraft_8

The nature of the bug is that the game will crash when trying to kill a high level gatekeeper. It could be due the damage reflection but not sure. The issue occurs when using Hades or Hercules as those are my strongest heroes.

Nature of issue:
When the god/hero reaches the gatekeeper, right before meeting the gatekeeper I will use Dragon’s tooth to spawn and then immediately use Tartarus. In most circumstances this will kill almost any gatekeeper.

When the combination of tools noted above are used, the game will crash. It will exit and I lose the opportunity to open the gate and achieve victory along with my 15 trophies.

In addition to not gaining trophies, I end up losing trophies because I am unable to finish the fight. Plus, for me, I have to use many gems just to get to the gatekeeper + use gems for DT + Tartarus to win the battle.

I should have been able to defeat the gatekeepers and open the gate to win the battle.

I do not have any videos or screen captures as the game just exits.

Flare, I ask you to look into this bug and attempt to resolve the matter not only for me but for others. The players that I played are great and super high. Not to name drop but they deserve props for they great strategy. M4RK QUEIJO and Lupu. These players did nothing wrong. The game crashed when I was about to defeat the gatekeepers and I lost gems and trophies.

Please let me know if any additional information is needed.



It’s Tartarus that does it and it can happen anywhere on the screen, not just at the GK. It’s an ooooold bug.

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We will look into this, thanks for the strong reproduction steps.

I had a different situation a few times, after using Tartarus, the jellyfish disappeared, although there were no waves of the opponent and

Thanks for confirming my issue. Not big on reporting things but your comment is truly appreciated!

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Thanks for the quick response. If any additional information is needed please let me know.

does it only happen to iOS?

There was speculation about that. You can test it if you’re on android. Have ariadne summon a million spearmen in a somewhat busy area with towers around and then tartarus them. The game will crash for me on iOS.

I can confrim this ,game doesn’t crash on Android.
I use Tartarus with Ariadne and other Heroes too


Yes, it’s frustrating this is still happening after so long.


We have made a fix here, though it is difficult to confirm that it fixes all the issues. The fix will be released with 5.3.0 in December.


Thanks for the quick response @CaptainMorgan. I was hoping to get some gems too!!!

Thanks FlareGames!!!

I hope this fix is early December rather than later. I’m starting to get pissed off now with the number of crashes during war.

i started to use tartaros on iOS (ipad air 2) for some heroes and the game does not crash (hopefully also not in the future). however, i tried first on my own defense and tried to get comfortable of using it without a massive army around. maybe this helps also for you.

@dumpster thx dor the hint that it happens when everything is crowded.

Thanks. Yes, I also noticed it seems to overload and crash if too many troops around, or statue has very high damage reflection… maybe there is some limitation within the system it can’t calculate so fast or so high.

I noticed two crashes and both time with Ariadne. She summons lots of troops. This is what caused crashes in my case.

if this is the case, then i observed on a hero without using DR the reflected damage kills the hero :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

Yes, I have died on a few occasions from using tartarus :rofl: But I take out gate too so no biggie.

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