Game Crashing using Insta-Archers

Most of my alliance members are having the same problem as I am: using insta-archers in a raid will crash the game during the raid.
Once we change out our insta-archers, there have been no more crashes. They have reported the same using iOS and on Android devices. I am reporting it happens on my PC as well.

I wasn’t using insta-archers until my alliance members mentioned it. So I tried insta-archers and my game crashed during the raid. It wasn’t crashing before.

Device: PC
OS: Windows 10
Game version: 3.8.2
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select insta-archers as part of your troop lineup when going to raid.
  2. Start a raid

Here are the errors I got from my Event Log in Windows 10 after the raid:
Source: .NET Runtime

Source: Application Error


archers and bislik towers dont go toghter in this game it will crash until mods fix or take the bislik towers al toghter



Same in my Alliance :frowning:

Insta archers will cause crashes for everyone AFAIK. Im sure flare is working on it but they dont like to communicate these things.


Yes, we suddenly get many complaints about the crashes too. Seems it was not fixed correctly.

Communicating about this?

Sounds like a job for @GalaMorgane :grinning:

Hey there,

Thanks for reporting this incident to us. We are aware of the situation and actively working to resolve it.

I know it’s not ideal and I understand your frustration, but please bear with us as we are working on this.


Hello there, 

As you may have seen, we did a Live Server Update today  :grinning:

We found out that under certain circumstances an archer that gets confused will crash the game for some people. Therefore, we’ve changed the archers’ resistances so that they are immune to confusion now until we can provide you with a better fix soon. 

For now, the issue should be resolved. But please, let us know if you still come accross some crashes with the Archers. 



All types of archers can’t be confused and petrified? normal, elite and pro archers? 

Yep, they are all immune now. Until we implement a better fix.