Game damaged in Windows 10

The game;s damaged in Windows 10. yesterday when I opened game it didn’t opened and said this game is not available for your account then I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall but couldn’t . windows store not downloading royal revolt 2 but all other games and apps are downloading this same’s happening with other windows players too. @Madlen please find a solution of this.


The same thing happened to me, but last night I was able to install the game again. The problem now is that it does not read my progress. I lost my account … it’s frustrating because the site is only in English and it’s difficult for Spanish speakers to get the solutions without having to do strenuous work. I am trying to recover my account. I thought it was just a mistake from my computer, but now I read that other people also happened to them.
I hope it can be resolved in time, since we are in the battle of alliances and I will not be able to help my alliance until it solves that. This sucks u.u

Hi guys,

Sorry to hear that you have account related issues. Please contact our customer service for that.

Thank you in advance and again sorry for the bad gameplay experience you have had.