Game difficulty By level and achievments

Is it just me or does it seem as if though over the past few days the level of difficulty in defeating opponents castles have almost doubled.I mean last weak I was beating opponents with for example 236 medals at 11 trophies with total medals at any were between 2500 and 2200 Now its a week later (still in the same weight class as i am at a stage in the game were it takes at least 4 days to upgrade anything) I can’t barely complete an opponents castle and If i do its either just hardly or with only two 2/3 complete. I’ve resorted to fighting what was once way below my weight class for example 147 medals 7 trophies total medals between 2100 and 1800.What happen what did you change or like I said am I just tripping?

Have you noticed fighting more barricades? Boosted barricades are overpowered IMO, especially in lower levels. Can pretty much max them out before anything else, and takes max lvl spells and units to bring down, which takes many times longer to achieve. Even at just under 4k trophies, I take a base with blockades over boosted barricades if I can

Dude that happens to me too.i don’t know about the high level gameplay but in average levels this game totally depends upon skills.i mean I myself sometimes not able to defeat base giving me 210 medals but can easily defeat bases giving me more than 300 medals.its all depends upon base design.yesterday I hit a base with bladestorm and firestorm and get raid on it although he is 100 trophies behind me but when I changed the combination I.e bladestorm and hammerstrike I get victory on his base I think you should try some new combination with new troops as I said this game at average level(my level-69,cups-2450) totally depends upon skills and base design.i don’t know whether you noticed or not they had changed the trophy distribution system I guess.if you want to play safe just attack on high level players,not very high but on those who are giving you at least 25 trophies and 350 around medals,if you get raid at that base then also you will 7 to 8 trophies.yesterday I hit a base giving me 27 trophies and is tough for halfway my hero health almost become negligible but then I take cover behind frosters recovered my health and start running towards castle gate without even touching any tower or troop at last I touched the castle gate,got raid and took 7 trophies from him for just 58% completion.and I had seen videos of high level players also for example those videos of doinnovation defeating master e and Mr uae scroll I think its all about skills and different combinations.but I agree dungeons updates are insanely difficult for average level players like me…

Thanks for the input ROCK619 and Condordgreat I just wanted to know if they had changed something or was I just hitting a bum streak.I never attack any opponent with a boosted anything so I knew that wasn’t the problem,I also finally caved and added my third troop slot to see if it would offset it (didn’t work) I think I will try different skill combos as its the only thing left.if that doesn’t work i’ll just stick to the old work ethic and keep building until something breaks. I do wonder though does the game pick opponents by how many trophies you have,how many upgrades to your castle gate/defenses you have made,or by actual King’s level that might be what it is too i hit level 70 and it turned all bad as far as my opponent pool not only the choices of who i can attack but who’s attacking me too

More important than 3rd troop slot is the 3rd spell slot.

That’s because another troop slot will not increase your leadership, which is what fills the blue bar at the bottom to allow you summoning troops in battle. In contrast, the 3rd spell slot gives you basically the opportunity to cast 50% more spells. :grinning:


Except that, there’s a lot of variety in terms of actual base strength at 2500 trophies… some bases are way stronger than others despite being at similar trophy level.