Game disconnected 1st time ever

As I was praising RR for being stable game without disconnections (played few and those were disastrous like siegefall) but have to say that after last big update it started freezing for few seconds and eventually it resumed so it was not a issue and kept me happy. Yesterday two battles and two disconnection in a row… hope I did not praised RR too much and now it will keep crashing. Play on windows 10 so I hope it is not a trend that we are unwanted children for devs like it might happen with other games from other game makers 

@GalaMorgane has posted in Official Announcements that this has now been fixed. I disconnect a lot, but not to much. To me I’d say it’s a fairly stable game :slight_smile:

Thanks did not see his one but then it was few mins ago lol


Nope… still happening 

I should say it freezes and shuts game down