Game download freezes

My game won’t finish downloading, it always stops at 41.9 Mb. I had the exact same problem before, but reinstalled windows at it ended up resolving. The problem is now I’ve reinstalled windows again and the problem came back. I’ve even tried formating and reinstalling a second time but the issue persists.

-Device of the affected player
PC (desktop)

-Operating system of the affected player

Windows 10 Home

-Steps to reproduce the problem

Open the game.

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?)

Always (can’t play).

-For how long has the bug been occurring?

Since first run, even with a clean reinstalled windows.

Screenshot of when it stops (the circle downloading icon keeps running). Please help, I really want to play again ?


I see this many time. I think the answer and the fix was to clear the cache in your device or in windows store and restart the download but not sure. You should ask the support team