Game fatally freezing

The game freezes and won’t resync, and forces me to close and reopen. It’s happened 3 times in the last half hour, once on an ad, and twice in the CoF after ninja battles. Alliance mates also seem to be having the same problem. I have an Xperia X running Android 7.1 (I think). To reproduce, just battle or watch an ad and see if it freezes. Hasn’t happened to me before today

Its reminiscent of a memory leak but I don’t think it is since the game consistently hangs out at around half a gb of RAM. It happened to me twice more just now, once as soon as the game booted/connected (didn’t even see my castle) and another just after I knocked a ninja gate down. The last one though, I had opened my notification bar to check ram usage. That seemed to induce the freeze in that case.

If you’re getting this issue, try rebooting your device, seems to be more stable after that

yep getting this problem on my windows pc. last 2 days or so… watch the free chest add then it goes to the loading , spinning circle , then it goes to the chest page and locks up. have to close game and reopen it to continue…

I have a similar issue, where the game kinda freezes.

After watching a single type of advertisement, namely one about “Dungeon Hunter Champions”, the game closes the Ad automatically!

This is quite strange, because usually Ads require you to click on a close button.

After the ad auto-closes, a loading spinner appears and the game stays on that state.

To fix that, I have to close and reopen the game again.

its a problem Windows 10 User have got in the past. Few month ago. Caused by Geolocation

in cortana write msconfig and go in services and desactivated Geolocation

Problem Solve

Probably affect maybe just Euro players? Same activated I was not affected by this when all the others was. Never got freeze problem since I have Windows 10. Happen just in Ninja Event but caused by Pyro Ninja a bug who probably still not fixed or only if by mistake I up my memory over 70% because I let Firefox open. So happen I forget to close it

Also you can search for all useless services in Windows 10 and desactivated all

Also click on hide Microsoft Services and desactivate all your started programs

Less you have process in background and better your PC will be fast