Game freezes forever

Hello, im playing from ipad pro 9.7 with latest ios version. Very often game freeze hopeless and my device same. I can fix it only by running memory clean app, but need to run and reload it 2 times before it even work.

I haven’t problems with another games or app, only with this game!

I’ve lost a lot of trophy and ambrosia.

My ingame name is Ruff_Ruder and im expecting from game support my problem solucion and I want my about 300 trophy back.

Otherwise I contact apple support and ask for refund all my ingame purchases.

Sorry for this but this game keeps krushing again and again and again amd im starting wondering why i pay money for this

I’m playing on an iphone 5s.  The only time the game freezes for me is when I try to test my defenses. It happens about 1 out of 3 times i try.  I just ext the game and restart it.  

Why did i wrote here? Any support willing to help me? Im really upset ? ? ?

Hello Ruff,

To contact the support, please send a request here:

I have exactly the same problem. Also, I play the iPad Pro 9.7