Game froze?

Did something change? Just before this post the game froze and I had to restart phone. It’s first time this has happen… I lost 30 trophies due to this. Any ideas? 


Hello Crabz,

Could you please let us know on which device and OS version do you play?

And were you doing something in particular in the game when it froze?

I experienced same problem, got it happen several times. When i destroyed the gate, the game froze before it got to where you opened reward chests. It took forever to get there, then I had to close it and lost bunch of trophies

I’m using HTC M8, Android 5.0

S6 edge and in Androids newest update… like I said this has been the first time. And it was maybe 1/3 threw the map.  Nor sure if u can look up battles by time / date but it happen just before my first post

game just froze again and it took forever to load even though my internet connection is very stable


same hapens for me 

iphone 5s 

newest ios



Could you please give me the following information:

  • Did you have any other application open in the background?

  • Since how long were you playing when the game froze? (roughly)

  • Were you using Wifi or mobile data?

  • no because I often close applications when i’m not using them.

  • i can’t remember exactly, i did few battles and the game froze, approximately 15 mins or so

  • Wifi, the signal is always full because the router is nearby.

when the game froze, I often waited until it took me to the main screen, sometime i waited for few minutes and closed it. This has happened to me about 10 times since when i start playing this game. Right before i wrote this post, it happened to me again, but this time it took about 7 seconds to get to the reward chests screen.