game fun

since the game is getting more and more about money making on flare site it is getting less fun the same time .

i get it that flare need to make money and they can do that easily without making stuff harder and less fun.

money making is still possible without losing the fun. beeing less greedy make more money in the end . how ?


for example . if we wanna buy gems we pay 5 euro for 500 bits and bytes (gems) ??? that is way to expensive for many people . doin litle changes will bring you more money . make buying gems cheaper . like 1000 gems for 1 euro. in the end it makes you more money and the game more fun . we just had a crisis and people need the 5 euro for other more important stuff then some gems in a game that isnt even fun anymore. lets say you have 100 players . maybe 15 pay 5 euro for gems . thats 75 euro . if you make the gems cheaper 50 or more people wil spend 1 euro for gems (and maybe 2 times even ) cause  1 euro is a litle ammount of money. that is 100 people and this makes 25 euro more profit and more fun game . and this is just with 100 players. imagine what more profit you makes with few miljon players that are still here ? also include that players might stay in the game for a longer period .  that brings an extra amount of money cause the longer players stay in game the more they wil spend .


you can also keep beeing greedy and make people buy more stuff for more real money in a short period. but in the end you will make less money and the game wil be gone in a while . so we all loose here . cause the way you now taking is like the same a company like for example zynga did . they had few games with a shitload of players making them nice money and yes the games where realy nice . but when they started to be greedy and wanted to get more and more and more the games went down and down and down verry fast . we all know what happend to zynga because of this . i just see the same thing here . now its still ok cause of recent updates etc. but it wil take not very long before the same thing wil set in with this game . and i realy like the game idea and i see much potential in it . but if it doesnt change a few things it will be getting lost .


i hope you read this and consider things . what you do is your choice .



They have created too many games so they cannot recognize in only a single game but they have to divide their works so they forget some issue here, some issue there, so they solved the problems by making the game a pay-for-win. Simple.