Game Get almost unplayable hard to no-spender

 I used to be in top 40 now 150+ .  After the Gold nerf when i got the  110k  now i get around 55k . And because of  rise of Item Chest and Chest (by 3X  of its amount!) i simple cant afford that means i am very behind on my items based on my level  .I lost about 200 trophies just because of failed attacks even on lower unbuffed players because i cant afford to buy items on my hero  and upgrading my troops.Seems this game is just made to suck your bills out of people pockets.  This new system is unplayable to players which is not  buying tons of gems . (having the daily gem pack though) (Reducing income by half ,Rise the price of chest by 3x,Boost defense which seems unbeatable without invos now ) 

I believe the hall of fame reward nerf and the price increase of green chests was to slow down the high trophie low level players. But it isn’t very effective, it hurts the high level players a lot more than it hurts the low level players and we don’t really see an overall increase on trophies, everybody has dropped and thus everybody gets lower gold reward. I’ve already made a suggestion on how this could be dealt with. 
It is a game where it is intended to advance constantly, if you are staying always on the same low level and getting higher in ranking, something doesn’t work right.

So my suggestion is to apply penalty XP if you don’t upgrade something in a certain time window. For example if you are level 30 and you havent upgraded something (except decorations) in, lets say 2 days, you get penalty XP equal to the XP that you would get on upgrading your heroes temple. In that way you would be forced to advance because when you don’t, you advance in Level without having actually upgraded something, you will get harder enemies —> you will drop in trophies. A few things have to be tweaked for this to work, the system should calculate also your activity, if you don’t login for 2 days, you shouldn’t of course get the penalty XP. And a timer should be displayed when you reach 3 hours (or something like that) before you get the penalty XP.

And if that works, you could increase again the hall of fame reward and lower the prices of the green chests. 

Well I don’t really think this complaint is valid. The game is set up to have timers for attacking and moving your heros. If you want to skip those timers you can use gems. Otherwise you have to wait. That’s how it’s set up. It’s fine to not pay to play but you can’t expect that you’ll be able to keep up with people who are willing to pay to play. That and the game was set up where low level players with high trophies could attack an infinite amount of times making them basically unstoppable on the score board. I like the update makes it more balanced 

There are probably about 15,000 active players in this game, and that’s a fairly conservative estimate. If you’re 150, that means you’re in the top 1%.

What exactly are you talking about this game being unplayable???


The higher you go in the leaderboard, the more difficult it can become as top players might be in top alliances, with a lot of blessings activated.

Actually when I reached level 50+, my first opponents were almost all higher level players with divine blessings, so it was a bit of pain. As soon as they got rerolled, I got a mix of opponents I could beat with and without gems :grinning:

It still happens that some opponents are not beatable, but I always find some I can beat by now.

Personally I havnt spent invocations for 2 weeks I think. I just stopped playing the totally useless heroes. 

Now I only raid with Helen of troy and autoplay wins every damn time lol.

No problems with ambrosia at all. I wait until opponents appears in clusters and then go on a mass raiding spree. With the videos chests and 1 hero on hydra ambrosia island I’m totally fine.

After I done my raids and/if Helen is far away from center I fleet up my 5 other heroes forcing Helen being sent right back to olympus when enough people raids me. And short path to next raiding spree. 

For me, Videochest doesn’t work, it doesn’t give me the golden chest 

I am not complaining about sticking with spenders  , i am complaining about that i cant afford item chests while saving for upgrade  .I am saving up 700 k +/- 2 days to upgrade 1 tower .If i use some of this gold to buy some  chests i am getting some common/green crap. I understand gold nerf . But i dont understand rise price of epic item chests which spenders are not buying. I think game shouldn be about that who spends more gems . Look at Shakes a Fidget (the old very popular game with million of players and u know why ? you can spends money but it was also very attractive game for no spenders to little bit spenders ) u can buy mushrooms which will give u a certain amount  boost against others. But this game is just about: Buy gold,buy ambrosia,buy books,buy workers,buy GOLD Armor,buy skill slot without an effort . If you are a millionaire u can just literally do 500 Levels in one hour . At the beginning game was attractive to no to little bit spenders but now ? … Pay2Win

I agree with getting items for your heroes a very hard task.

They should introduce some type of shop like “Granny store” in Royal Revolt 2 where there are items rotating for both gems and gold. At least you can buy something that you actually want instead of buying 1 chest that can contain something good for one of your X amount of heroes. I rather gear them up one by one instead of getting 1 good item on each and just failing every raid because they are incredibly weak :confused:

We need options to gear up our heroes, because what we have now only works if you got tons of gems for chests :confused:

I’m not seeing a problem with gear… Perseus is my strongest hero right now. All my heros have good items. I get at least 1 gear items every 3 wins. Most are better then the last item. Unless you guys need God items I really don’t see what you’re complaining about. If winning is the problem you need max lvl minions and boosts. Your army is 90% of your damage. Your hero is there to support your army. All your hero really needs is high leadership and heal.

I have in use 1 God item, several Eternal and mostly Legendary items… I’ve never bought gem chests, I just got them through the game. I am winning 95% of battles. My army is max for my level and boosted. 

but why you dont telking your ascension level, just rank where you was, and where you are now…

i am in 360 place in top and i get 3,600,000 gold in 2 days, everything was fixed 4 days ago, probably you must take down your trophies, then you find oponents wort you…

the same was for me, i get helen i start to take her level up, because i think she must fight against hydra islands, and now i spend 300 gems just for atack with my weak hercules, and lost 30% beaten… some bull… 

why need at all this heroes, if we dont using them to higher level islands?

I dont know what are you talking about . I get items very rarely from winning battles. Maybe 1 from 20 of battles . green or common. U are tellin that you haev one god item,few eternal, and most legendaries. So tell me how u get that because i never god anything good from winning chests and most equip of my heroes are green one. You mention u used 300 Gems on Invos so that mean you are huge spender bro. 


So dont know how u got some Gold,Eternal and legendaries are you talking about when you are no spender and i am little spender . BTw those epics even green ones are behind mine level about 15 levels so my blue items which i got from epic item chests (which i cant afford now) are incredibly weak.

you jus 48 lvl, and i am 61 so why you must be higher than me? just relax… and go down with your trophies…


I was complaining about that i cant afford item boxes . And enemies are not based on trophies but on level so pls you are spender dont comment if you dont know situation.

epic chest for me cost 180k, so its to expensive for me ?, but i think when you and others low level players will go down by the trophies, then developers will reduce price, just wait a little bit and stop crying

I have only bought the daily gem deal once since I started playing 36 days ago, and I did it to support this game, not because I needed them.

I donate my gems to alliance, and use them occasionally for invocations. Never have I ever bought item chests with gems. I actively use 4 out of 5 of my heroes. They win battles and help me gain shiny trophies.

The game is very playable for me.

Actually, now that I thought more about this topic. Your complaint might be valid eSproo. The one thing I kept doing since the very beginning was battling, a lot. Looking at your screenshots, I have collected better items for my heroes than you as I leveled up.

The issue I’m seeing is that if you hadn’t battled as much as I did, and didn’t have alliance gold boost since the beginning, then your heroes will be much weaker for your current level, and thus won’t be able to win battles, and thus won’t be able to get better items… it’s a vicious cycle that you can’t get out of unless you stop upgrading completely and focus on hero equipment, or use gems for buying item chests.