Game has lags atm

During attacks there the game is stops for a moment.

Chat stops for one or two seconds


not just lags also freeze and crash. Unplayable

Hej Flare!

Are you aware of this stops and freezes in the game?


My game is lagging when fighting gargoyle bases, but apparently that’s cause of my device. But today it started to freeze during raids. Always very short, not as bad as the lagging, but still annoying

Hey guys,

Could all of you please post below what devices you are using (+version). 

And could you also give some more details about the freeze? When does the issue occur? Does the freeze only happen during battles or also in the Castle Scene or somewhere else? At what point during a battle does the freeze occur? And how often does the issue occur?


I thought it’s my device (Android) problem, overheated/memory leak related perhaps (?)
Sometimes: short lag/freeze while looking around at own base, opening CQ map, tapping matchmaker button, during raid stuttered/jumpy scene (+multitouch issue), forced restarted after tapping ‘collect-all button’ and tapping matchmaker.
Perhaps this game become too heavy for most phone, too many new features.

Hi Sasch !!! Even on my phone I often encounter blocking problems (Blackview 7A). especially during attack. does not execute commands and often comes back. the biggest problem is when you meet beast and play slows down. that is, it does not allow you to kill it and move on. I lost many trophies these days. it bothers me a lot. I ask you to resolve as soon as possible.

Same Problems von Nokia 6, Android latest Version

I got this this morning

Device : Windows 10 Pro Spring Creator (August Update) version 1803

Cause : When freeze happen? seem to be totally random. Can be during a raid. Can be during Conquest War attack. Never know when this happen.

my OS is a little old now. So I guess I will take time to download version 1809 who come out few days ago and install it and see.

I too felt the same :slightly_frowning_face:

for past two days, I saw game freezes for a couple of seconds in a interval of  7-10 seconds again and again(only on raiding). Initially I thought it’s my ram problem (4gb though) but after that, I realized that it’s a bug. 

And while doing conquest, the game quits automatically too.

My device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Android version: Nougat 7.1


It seems, the freezes stopped!?!?

I don’t get them for a while good sign :slight_smile:

Yes also lagging here Samsung 7s