Game is Changing from War Game to Sim City Game

It is much easier to get gold or gems by tapjoy or collecting chest for window-users rather than winning gold by attacking opponents.

So why spent time and efforts by attacking for some when it is far more easier to look at some advertising and get gold or gems.

The perks are also a great mistake, the balance between many players is gone. It is great to have a small advantage, but you can upgrade it to much so some units can be outranged.  So they become obsolete… a game has to have a good balance.

Even worse are the upgrades, they cost a lot and if you don’t get any gems or free chest, it is hard to get that amount of gold.

But on the bright side, with those chest, you can upgrade your defense very easy. Maybe too easy ?

Besides the very wrong matchmaker, it would be far more attracting to attack somebody when you get a chest in cof for every star, more players are suggesting it.

Flare does upgrade the game, but when you are in a league, it is impossible to get as many medals as the topscore, and I doubt the topscore is reached without cheating, so many medals…

Why not reset that every month so more players can enjoy the topscore and attacking will be more popular. 

So please make some changes to get rid of the “simcity”-elements and let it become again a real war-game were attacking a good match is rewarded. The players have to have fun attacking, not upgrading in a wargame.

The game is indeed turning into a boring and depressive game. I play on Windows and have free chests by videos just a couple of months. The gameplay changed drasticaly. I wasn’t aware the disadvantage was so huge.

Now I fully understand why some players made huge progress steps, while players without all that free stuff were in so much disadvantage that you can’t say it’s fair.

Let me describe both situations. I have five workers. Say I used my chests for upgrading a spell and now needed to upgrade something expensive

Before the free chests for watching commercial videos.:

  • Most of my workers were unemployed. I seldom had enough time to collect the gold. So for gold unprotected I bought items as some kind of gold buffer.
  • I had to plan ahead, since I am working, so I only had enough time during weekends for expensive tower upgrades.
  • Gold per raid was between 150k - 250k when I was fortunate
  • I first made sure I had a gold shield available in case I needed it.
  • A day before I started to collect loot. I was fortunate if I was able to collect 3m+ by raids. I also calculated the gold I would get from selling items.
  • Day later I logged in, some of the gold was robbed. I started to raid and emptied my farms
  • Disconnected for 2.5 hours, lost some gold but had full farms again
  • I raided till farms were empty again, but silo still full. I calculated how many gold still was required.
  • If I still needed a few M, I used a gold shield for three hours and logged off
  • Came back when farms were full, raided till silo plus farms were emptied.
  • Most times this was enough with sellable items, only for most expensive ones a gold shield would be required.
  • When I used a gold shield, I tried to combine upgrading a spell or troop together with a tower or wave. Sometimes I made it, sometimes not to collect the gold for multiple updates.

Result of this was hours of raiding and satisfaction when I made enough gold for upgrades. Remember most of my workers were still unemployed. And this situation was the same for other players that had no free legendary chests for videos (Windows users).

Now the current situation with free chests.

  • All my workers are busy, spell, troop plus waves are upgrading
  • I desperately check when there is something to upgrade. When two or less days are left.
  • Start to watch some videos to gather legendary chests.
  • Raid a few times just for fun, gold isn’t needed. Since we now can find opponents giving 350 - 800 k with ease (without gold boosts!) Often I have 5M+ unprotected due to this.
  • Play less, have more gold available.
  • When the first available upgrade must be done, I most times have the gold already available for the upgrade.
  • When a second upgrade is coming almost simultaniously, I most times have enough chests to give also gold for that upgrade.
  • When it’s in the weekend, I most times activate a gold shield. It’s not needed, since within an hour I have a complete treasure chamber full. Last time that I used a three day shield I had 2 days and 15 hours nothing to do, all upgrades were ready and treasure chamber was full again.
  • Chests that are expiring soon, can be opened in the hope to get pearls, vouchers, items and gems.

Raiding is not important any longer since those videos. Main problem is that those chests give a lot of gold, 1M average is easily collected from a chest. Save 8 of them and there you go, who needs to raid with these videos? Gold should be only in chests, gathered by raidings, not those from watching videos.

Raiding should be needed to progress, at least some skills are required. Now we only train our finger that needs to click on a chest to open it.

The more gold you have now makes you itchy to have a new worker or spend for a package. How’s that for a gamble? 

You nailed it, Jack. There needs to be a balance. Either, FG gives workers for a nominal gold price or do something about these long waiting hours. Thank goodness they did not put upgrading “1 month”,  a “1 year”  (technically waves are in those “years” range). As someone said, probably we will pass on the game to our children, and they to our grandchildren.  


I agree with Jack " Raiding should be needed to progress, at least some skills are required". FG can easily introduce some raiding skill points to kings HP, or his items. Is money everything? Isn’t it your baby? You would want to gain some cash along the way but not make it a broad. You would love your baby to be loved by all. Don’t put it up for sale.

This has always been the case, there were top 10 alliances with a lot of members being essentially farmers, the only raiding they would do would be to share gold with other alliance members.  The alliance wars changed that, as it meant you had to be actively raiding, and gold sharing wasn’t as easy as before.

There is probably a much better balance now between what you get just for logging in and what extra you get for 10 raids, most of my upgrades start at 7m, and with 8 workers, I have to keep up the raiding side to keep all my workers busy.



I never liked games like sim city. I liked the old fashioned way of needing to raid for gold and after a good series of raids it felt great to be rewarded with an upgrade. Nowadays it’s far away. You don’t have gold enough to upgrade? No worries, just watch some videos and save them for two days in a row. There you go, easy upgrade.

I don’t like it at all.

I would bet that the people complaining about the boosts and free videos are all trophy room 8 & 9 players with fully upgraded everything–or close to it. For those of us not so fortunate, the boots have given a level of parity there wasn’t before. It enables lower level players to move through the levels more quickly, which means there will be more higher level players to fight each other.

Yes having a huge amount of gold in the treasury and not enough workers to employ it is a beeyutch. It’s called a tradeoff. And IMHO, I’d rather have the boosts, particularly for food, precisely because it enables me to fight more, not less.


To inform you, I upgraded my throne room and every building to new max without the help of any video. New max levels appeared end of februari, while the videos for Windows appeared after I maxed those buildings.

Upgrading was based on raiding skills, nothing more, nothing less. You realy needed to raid a lot and did you best to win war season, because those boosts were needed to collect the gold by raiding. It’s normal for a game that only the most skilled raiders are able to make progress, while less skilled players struggle to get there.

How can you think it’s fair that new and lower players now only need to press a button to upgrade everything possible to max? It has nothing to do with being fortunate, we invested a lot of time and energy in this game to reach as far as we got, some even a small fortune. You think it’s fair that newbies get as far as we got within a few months while we spended almost two years to reach level 90+ (some even a lot of cash, while the newbies get it for free?)? That has nothing to do with a tradeoff.

Using the boosts for farms isn’t that smart, you can boost four farms for a couple of hours for double food. You forget the fact that videos are not unlimited and for those 4 boosts on farms I can get four legendary chests, giving me 4M. You probably won’t be able to raid 4M extra from those boosted farms

As the time from launch player to now increases, the game needs to find ways to shorten that for new players, otherwise it’s an ever decreasing circle of players still playing.  Long term players still have the advantage (particularly in King level), but at least new players have somewhere to go.

No I don’t find the game becoming a Sim City way

Player who have free chest still if you abuse of them you have a cooldown of 2 weeks. For me that allow to upgrade during this time with free Gold shield and do a lot of raid during 3 hours to get the maximum Gold for upgrade low tower or low unit. you can upgrade low spell too during this time

The Free chest allow when you are out of video and you are off war to advance in Dungeon

Yes maybe the free chest combine with War chest + Daily chest make the game so much easy to upgrade stuff at 10M,11M or 15M,etc… but still that why there is a cooldown of 2 weeks

For me I don’t see any problem in that. During this time you can participate in league and win a ton of Gems. If you do like me since April : Platinum,Diamond,Platinum,Diamond in 2 weeks you can gain 600 gems or more.

During this time you are out of video you can raid for XP to level up and buy items for melting and up your pearls

If you are stuck free chest can give a little help to improve spell and advance in the game

For me I prefer have so much easy way to upgrade stuff then waste like I did before 2.1.0 like 45 Gems each week to be sure to upgrade stuff or your worker still free for many week

and that still in this game you can have all max that still you need skills and talent to defeat max base and you must be a good designer to have a good base to stop player who invade you

I don’t see why all the complain. If you want to upgrade your stuff in your way then don’t use free chest. Nobody force you to watch video and use chest

Sorry but i don’t agree Dena4, if now we start to complain of free chests…what about all those android players that gained gems through tapjoy until now? <- which is a thing that is here since the prehistoric era…Low and Mid players could get advantage of tons of gems through tapjoy like an high player since the offers were the same, so why complaining now for such little thing?

One time that they try to help people and especially now finally for windows users which always felt discriminated, now you don’t like those free chests. Sometimes people should say thanks for the one thing they do right and not see the evil side always. First we see people complain because they can’t get chests, then when they give you free chests you complain because they exist…really?!


Exactly I don’t see the point to complain about free chest. I think people must remember 1 year ago…Windows User have nothing : no tapjoy,no daily chest,no free chest, no free video for boost taverns and farms and we cannot win Diamond league because no free foods

the un-equality was very bad between Android and Windows User and like oPelle said you must said a big a really big thanks you to Flaregames who allow you in 2.1.0 to have all of this advantage now. If you read topic in suggestion or in bug you can learn Windows Phone still behind with no video,no boost,nothing

If you ask them the question : Do you like to have all this? maybe at 95% or 100% gonna answer Yes I really want all this

i remember 1 year ago wiithout all that oh my god : impossible to win Platinum league and Diamond League,no free chest,nothing to help you. My 2 worker and building still empty for week before I can do something. Just do raid its not enough at low level and if you play solo without alliance gold boost its very hard

Today very happy you cna advance in the game without so much difficulty you can now enjoy upgrading your stuffs without problem. If you want to raid then raid for XP,pearls,items,medals,etc…


Finally? This is not FINAL


the gap between WP and the other has deteriorated


Different countries has different rate of chests proposals (some once at 2 hours)


Some countries HAS NO videos at all

Come on mss73… mine post was to debating for the free chests…do not be fussy every time…that’s obvious that windows phone users have nothing 


I complain about the fact that the game becomes boring due to the massive amounts of gold as reward given by free chests. The chests don’t have to disappear. My suggestion is to remove the gold from the free video chests to make it impossible to upgrade without raiding. Add more gold to chests from war raids plus CoF instead. Then at least raidings are rewarded and stay very important. Now a few simple pushes on some button are enough to upgrade. Maybe I turn into a grumpy old person, who likes to complain, hope that’s not the case :slight_smile: .

I honestly have mixed feelings about the video chests. Before we got them on Windows, I didn’t know any better, expensive upgrades meant that we needed to do a lot of raids, planning ahead and maybe even were forced to use a gold shield. It made me sometimes think and worry how to accomplish an upgrade without a gold shield and one of your methods seemed to work, empty farms, come back within two hours, raid, use a free gold shield and finish the gold job. It only was a matter of planning a few days before to get enough sellable items as a buffer, so some workers were definitely unemployed.

Due to this planning methods, raidings were required and I didn’t get a boring feeling, I was actualy looking forward to raid, because those raidings had a purpose, buying stuff as an extra buffer just in case we were short on gold.

Sure, definitely when I didn’t have those free chests, every single hair on my head wanted those free chests. When the chests arrived I was happy and felt relieved to be honest, easy gold for watching a few videos, no more searching for hours to find players giving descent loot. Experience however comes with time and after a couple of weeks using those legendary chests I can’t say the game feels the same like before. I still raid to have fun, but it’s not required, it’s main reason has been gone. Even for the expensive upgrades I don’t have to worry and raid any longer.

So for me the good feeling of needing to plan ahead, do a lot of raids and the feeling of having accomplished something, vanished/disappeared by these chests. I know this is an unplanned and unwanted side effect, but it is what it is, I can’t help it. And that feeling was giving me the energy to keep on playing. Maybe again the grumpy old man story is valid here :grinning: . I know they (flare) didn’t have evil intentions, I believe they wanted to help Windows players, but did not foresee the boringness.

There could be other advantages on other devices, but what I don’t know, I don’t care for. I never had it, so I won’t miss it. Tapjoy I never used and it’s not likely I will ever use it. I also know it’s my personal choice to gather those video chests or not, nobody forces me to watch videos. But what option do we have? If we don’t use the chests, most workers would be unemployed. We would fall far behind, so that’s not smart. So I collect them plus open them when I need gold for an upgrade.

Main focus of this game should be raiding. So that’s why I ask to remove the gold from non raiding chests (video) and add substantial more gold to chests won by raiding (war chests plus CoF). At least raiding would be fun and important. Plus… war boosts would be meaningful. Fight in seasons to get war chests would be required to get a lot of gold. The war boosts help during recess to get more gold, when they increased the amount of winnable gold rewards inside CoF. I mean that also in first or second chest large gold prices can be won and not only inside third succesful opened chest.

I repeat what I said then because you don’t seem to understand

1.No one force you to watch and use Free chest if you watch video and use Free chest its because you want.No one put a gun on your head. you are totally free to use video or not

2.Like I said after a laps of time there is a cooldown of 2 weeks its not like if you can have Free chest forever each 2,4 or 6 hours for month or year

3.Nothing stop the fun in raiding. I have no more video for 1 week or more. maybe 10 hours ago I use Free Gold Shield and raid people for 9 Miilions in 3 hours. That allow me to upgrade my Arblaster at level 5 (7 Millions) and other stuff

4.You must learn to balance your action for me nothing stop me to use Free chest and raiding at the same time. 50/50

5.Free chest for me add something to the game. When you have free chest that allow you to have gold,pearls,hero items,etc… little plus if you can find legendary stuffs,like I said when you are out of video you can do and advance your Dungeon,get medals for league to win Gems,you can get XP for level up…etc… its not the thing to do that miss.

I don’t see the point to complain really and I don’t see why you put the blame on Free chest. Like you said maybe you start to be boring at the game and you want to stop I don’t know. If you play for 1 year or more maybe you are just tired to play it and for you, you must blame something to the boringness I don’t know


That’s an assumption solely made up by you. Why otherwhise you think I don’t understand others point of view?

Not everyone has to agree with what you write down on this forum, try to remember that. Now I point you on the fact that as a moderator you have to be a role model. I understand what others write and I respect their opinion, that’s something you should do too. Read my previous posts, you won’t see me being disrespectful and rude towards others. Can you at least try to do the same or is that asked too much?

Answer : I know I never said everyone must agree with me. it is you who presume that not me. Its not a little contrary your argument about this free chest? I mean you said the other most respect the opinion of the others, what I see is you who reply to everyone and try convince us that the free chest its worst and all. Like you said you can said you own personal opinion on this topic about you don’t like free chest and all but not continue harass people who don’t think like you. I mean each time a person said he like the free chest or said he don’t agree with you just in a minute you reply and again you try to convince us to be agree with you. Sorry if its not what you do but look how you answer Opelle and me,etc…

I respect the fact you defend your opinion about free chest that its the devil himself and must disappear but you must accept the others opinion and not reply each time someone his not agree with you. that work in the 2 way :slight_smile:

I end my preach here about the free chests and my personal opinion about them. oPelle has my deepest respect, I respect his opinion, although I responded to it for a good reason. I did that with intention to give more details to share why I have that opinion, nothing more nothing less.

I am not going to turn this discussion into a vendetta to get rid of the gold inside of the chest at all cost. If others adore the chests, so be it. That will be part of any game, some things you like, others you dislike.

Others are free to respond and give their opinion and reactions on my somewhat ‘radical/extreme/impopular’ suggestion. My opinion is no golden rule that should be followed at all cost, that’s why it’s called a suggestion.

Remember that I am also just a human and those are born to make mistakes. So maybe I see it completely incorrect at the moment, maybe not. And that makes discussions interesting, trying to convince others.

Yeah its a game after all some can hate function,unit or others thing and some can like it. We cannot have the same opinion on each thing. 

I like the “Free Chest” I can’t play 24/24 hours RR2. I do my 20-30 attacks every day. And the free chest help my a little bit. My Upgrades cost now over 9 mio Gold. This game have other problems. Bonus Skulls COF during Alliance War  Remove it. COF “Bug” You can win Gems Only if you use Gems COF. Fix it.