Game is crashing a lot. Dont be so cheap flare, you will lose valuable players and income like this

Does fg has any idea how often the game is crashing nowadays? Its really frustrating and the way i am hearing from everyone how frequently its occuring during wars, soon you will lose some valuable players and incomes from them. Dont be so cheap with servers and service, players are not getting replies from support regarding crashes anymore.Hopefully you look into the matter seriously and provide better server state soon, if you dont take immediate actions you will be the one at loss. ?

I hope i havent wasted my valuable time pulling this, please take rapid action. 

rapid action for flare means do nothing about it

i have sent many tickets to flare about these ■■■■■■ crashes, in the mail number 7 i had a " help" from flare, i sent to flare all info that the asked me, but the fucking crashes are worst that ever, specially in war, if they dont fix those crashes, so they should suspend wars until they fix the damn problem.

exactly crashes are making war unfair. flare keeps staying ignorant. Flare dont value the players time/money spend on game? @developers

Is the mess with crashes the reason for the next -ninja event- in 21 days?

It is crazy this war, over 50% of battles are ending in crashes. It seems all OSes so it must be something server side. It just quits back to the OS, takes your bread and you trophies and gives you 0 skulls. The only thing in this war is seeing who gets the luckiest with the least crashes, a right waste of time. 

Flare does not work weekends.

srsly? even  thought is sth wrong with game ? 

Often I’m not sure if they work weekdays either.

Guys, instead of ranting, try to add some useful information in this thread:

Hopefully we will get some more info on the progress of the matter in the next days.

Game crashed on this screen. there was atleast a 3 sec of pause in this screen as it crashed. Its a third crash in todays war out of the 4 raids.I feel totally pissed. Better shut your servers totally than uneven war scores affecting the game, what a waste of time and money. Lots of my team members have exact same feeling and are fed up of crashes - Us vs Them