Game isnt working corectly

Special offer containing dungeon items + 50k pal food + 1.5k gems dont have price - not that im interested in buying it - i dont have price for it and for daily gems offer too.

For special offer i see : “Missing: rr2.items.06_marvellous_grab_bag” on the button. And daily gem offer isnt working correctly too.

Its my second topic about this, ive also send ticket like 2 weeks ago but it still not fixed.



I’m sure you’ve already done this, but have you tried re-installing the game/clearing caches? 

Also, try checking your App Store or Play Store account settings, it might be causing issues grabbing your locality to get currency, or local payment regulations for app stores. If you’re playing on Windows PC or Mobile they have even more regulations with advertising and in-app purchases, so double check your Windows account and your store account.