Game keeps crashing


Game keeps on crashing and all of my team are losing war fights and we are losing in war season due to this


Please fix this

This is happening to many people in the game right now. Flare has said they are attempting to fix it

They responded to my ticket yesterday. Had to provide a bunch of details and some photos of the crashes - which luckily I happened to take.

Also - Last night one of our alliance members mentioned that it could be from spawning the boosted archers.

I did not spawn any archers last night in battle… and the game did not crash on me. First time all week. Not sure if the archers have anything to do with this glitch… @AwesomestKnightest

Hmm, yes it is possible it is from Spawning Archers @OVRSLO, but I think it may also be the cause of Stone Ninja’s or Basilik Towers as others have said on the forum. It may be both also

mine crashes when i spaw archers beside bislik towers…everytime it crashes…

very very very annoying! Lost so many skulls because of this bug.


4 crashes when spawning Archers besides Lightning Tower.

Kind of wonder if it’s just the archers. 

Ive had 4 crashes with archers all in front of firebolt towers…Not basilisk which I’ve also heard people point out. 

So it is definitely confirmed that the archers are the problem here. What troops do you use? You could replace the archers with a more effective unit, that would help both attacking and make the game not crash, perhaps

I usually use pyro, frost & archers.

Substituted archers for Arblastors. @AwesomestKnightest

Is it still crashing? or no?

No, knock on wood. Not since I switched my units up. @AwesomestKnightest

Okay, so that means that it definitely was the archers. Good to know

Also for me. No crashes after removing Archers. Too bad, that we paid for them …