Game lag and disconnect

There are microstutters from time to time. The game usually resume so it is manageable. Sometimes it freezes and doesn’t resume. The only way out is to quit the game. After quitting, it doesn’t enter the game for sometime, although it loading spinner turns green and says connected. This is not my internet as it is up and running always. I use ethernet cable. I don’t experience any issues while playing other online games. This is very annoying during pro league and war raids.

I am running on windows. My PC specs:

i5 6600, gtx 970, 16GB RAM.

I can believe a low end game wouldn’t run with any issue in a high end PC. If you need me to collect any other information please let me know.



Hi FalseKing,

Thanks for telling us.

Do you have some more information? Since when and how often does this issue occur? Does it only happen in certain situations in the game or does it happen randomly?

Mostly I have experienced this happening when I encounter lot of units. The micro-stutters happen from time to time. The disconnects about once or twice per week. I will check raiding different types of bases and get back with more info.