Game Mechanics - Attacking / Defending

Hello all,

I think the current game mechanics are heavily in favor of attackers. They have got gems, they can use invocations, they have to pay nominal ambrosias to ressurect, voila.

My sugesstions :-

  • once a hero dies in battle, his cooldowns should not be refreshed upon ressurections or better yet, they should be increased by 50% i.e Helen dies when Helen’s Beauty has 10 seconds left on cool down, after ressurection her CD now stands at 20 seconds


  • increase ambrosia cost for ressurections by a little


  • reduce the number of times someone can ressurect


The current mechanics actually encourage attackers that they die, spend 50 ambrosia and pop all CDs again, your prime example : Helen. 


Thankyou for your time.



Fk, im confused enough as it is…

I would appreciate if someone from Flaregames shared their thoughts about this.


I think this area of the game needs to be addressed. In particular the spell cooldown, this shouldnt be reset. Why not just leave them as they were when u died? Against tougher opponents, im happy to let my hero die in heavily defended areas as i get all my spells back which makes getting through these areas rather easy. Im not so much a fan of increasing cooldowns but i think with every death a time penalty (eg. -5 secs off the clock) and/or a reduction to trophies won along with ur increased ambrosia cost could be a nice way forward. 

i see you dont understand the reason why that spells renew, first thing you resurect and use ambrosia, or even gems if ambrosia is empty, so what a hero resurect withouth spells, i think you all angry because enemies always beating you, and you lose more trophies over night, than earning over a day time.

Lol please read the post again killbush, clearly you’ve misread it.

“Why not leave them as they were when u died”

Im not angry at all, these are merely suggestions to help improve the game. With the introduction of the prestige system, the balance has been tipped heavily towards offense. Continue on this road then wats the point of planning a defensive setup when anything u do can be beat. My favourite part of this game personally is putting some thought into a good defensive setup, take that away then wat do u have?


gem invocations should only be used 1 time in each attack and not unlimited!!! everyone who uses gem invocations more then once are players with no skills!!!

i dont use invocations at all, sometimes beating enemy, sometimes not, this is just game, to clear my mind from my daily routine, and allways use auto atack, because atacking stays boring for me…

they will start alliance wars, i dont think that this crap will earn more € for devs, but that when i resurecting with full powers its good. and i like it!

… soo why do u even play this game? It seems ur whole experience is automated with zero thought input. Thats sounds very boring to me, but hey thats ur opinion… i dont see why this wouldnt generate $$, if defense played a bigger part it would encourage building (gems) of towers, barricades, troops etc… and these suggestions are minor tweaks that would take very little effort to implement thus my reason for pointing them out. Im also looking forward to guild wars but i dont think the trophy system should just be abandoned because of it. I think theres enough there to make it into an event of some sort 

Oh I perfectly understand why spells renew. I am saying they should not.

What you clearly don’t get is that the purpose for using gems or ambrosias should only be to ressurect, thus giving you a fighting chance to earn trophies, gold and if you are lucky then more gems/ambrosias/items.

Deaths, however, should be penalised and not encouraged which is what the current game setup does. 

And the trophies thing, now you are just being bitter.

if realy, i almost a month dont get any gem from hephaistus chests, so i think i dont gona spend gems if i dont get them…

Gems, my friend, is not the reason for my rant.  :wink:  or trophies for that purpose.