Game music

Hi, can someone give me the music files for the game?

Music files would be the music that plays in the game during battles, being at your castle, and the Dungeon.

Thanks that remind me to record again each music of each stuffs. I have did it before but must record them again. You must wait…

Hello there,

We are working on getting the music from the game on YouTube soon! I’ll link it here for you once it’s available :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


??? Why would u need them for ??? Never crossed my mind 

Doing videos, listening to them while at work/school… Millions of reasons :slight_smile:

Maybe you don’t need them, but some might be happy to have them!

Many thanks,


They are already on Youtube - check the channel “Royal Revolt 2 Official Soundtrack”.

Really? Send me a link, please. Thank you!

reply quickly or aki will be A N G E R Y  truly awakened foxy boi.jpg

Took me 20 secs …

what is difficult in finding on YouTube? 

Thank you for telling me!