Game name in all Categories


Can you rename all categories/subcategories to show game name i.e.:
OR General Discussions
RR2 Q&A Developer sessions
Because I like to enter forums from link
And what I see? Mess of 2 games and don’t know which topic about which game!!


Agreed… I was about to sugget same, but I wasnt sure if this was the problem with all… I thought I wasnt familiar with this new interface, and so Only I was facing this problem…

We ned categorised division of RR2 and Olympus Rising…


I had been reading and liking Olympus Rising contents… so silly of me… both games are so similar to each other (in terms of its contents), its difficult to differentiate… :joy::joy::joy:


And both are now in Version 5.0 also …


exactly… :joy::joy::joy: too much of confusion…


You can very easily avoid this if you filter in latest for the category you want. I really recommend working with these.

As described here: Move OR to Bottom
It will still show you the latest posts and it is 2 clicks.
Additionally, all Olympus Rising categories are red, and RR2 always starts with orange (it was themed like that in the last forum as well.)

I know it is a bit different than the old forum worked yes, but really the filter is exactly for this and it helps tremendously. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately this Filter is only visible when you are on top-level and not when your are in a Thread!

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Also, the Colors are not consistent. In the Drop Down everything RR-related shows Orange, but in the Board itself it has other Colors like Green, Blue and Purple (also for RR):


Well yes, but I gave you 3 ways how to get back to the topic list (one at the top, one at the bottom and one more.)

That’s why I said:

So it will still show 2 colors and orange always being the first.


Thank you so much… It helped a lot… As I said, I wasnt sure about the features… I didnt know there was filter option… hehe… Now it helps, thanks again…
And yes, colours are helpful too… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::v::v::v:

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I saw the filters. But in filter are 3 variants about rr2!
It is not convenient at all, sitting and selecting 1, 2 ,3

Maybe you make 1 filter: RR2
Why OR have only one variant??? They are lucky, they can enter forums just:

About color, thanks

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I totally have to agree with this…
I find myself clicking the 3 subforums each time to try and find everything.

The best would be to have as before: One entry point for the RR2 forum, with the subforums inside.

I can’t even give a link on the wikia for the RR2 forum, because there’s not one, but like 3 instead. So I have to use the homepage.

Please consider it Madlen.

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You can also completely/partly hide OR if you don’t use it …
In the settings:


Yes! That’s it! Thanks


it s a good way to do it indeed, thanks…

I really have the impression that the previous forum was made for users and that this new forum is made for the admin.
Everyone I know that was on the forum does not understand how it works and how to find the right subject and the right section.
And personnally I dont understand why the messages are taking so less width on the screen…on my PC, The message iteslf takes a little bit than 1/4, 2/4 of the sceen is taken by the useless background and the last quarter is used for the time line that can be useful…

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Questions/Feedback about intial forum use

Wow, that’s it @Jesper!

I’m no longer seeing OR categories on the main page.

I can’t like this enough, thanks a lot man! You rock! :+1:


But if you search with terms, the posts of OR are still displayed
… for me it is a good way when i will look somtimes into OR :smiley:


Thanks, I have added it to the user settings guide. :+1:

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That’s brilliant!