Game Over.....i am out!

Hey all, i want to say good bye to you all, i decide to quit this game now because it takes to much time and money!

i wish you all the best! And i want to Thank _THE ARK_/ ! I will miss you and i will miss the fairplay because only _THE ARK_/ plays fair!

@ Flaregames you destroy this beautiful game with every update!!!

I am out and good luck to all!

Take care. Many will follow you soon

thanks, please say goodbye in your Alliance for me! Thx


Farewell my special King :slight_smile:

It was fun while it lasted and you outlasted many of us.

Hey :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear you are leaving…

Good luck in your life and have fun :slight_smile:

It was an honor to play with you jammer:) i hope you can enjoy your live:)

sad to leave my friends:( but i must look on me!

Sad to leave my friends too MasterC and sad for all the wonderful people we leave behind:(

But better to leave with honor which was how you played the game, not many can say that, a true gentleman to the end.

Best of luck Cock, gonna miss those gems! So sad to see many long time players all leaving all after one weekend … flare comments??

thank you for the flowers:)

So good to know i am no alone:)


Never alone !

This game becames shitty after every update because Flare becames greedy more and moore.As the Devs.of the game you may think you can do whatever ypu want but soon or late you’ll see your mistakes.Me personally I dont want to play this game with your new rules makes us spendi g tons of gems and grind like crazy.See Revenant made 94k+ skulls just to compete your fool Pool system and the skull chests.İt becames a money talks bullshit walks game and I have no hope that flare would try to change any thing.The only thing changes will be the players which would leave this madness causes more frustration than fun.The most important thing imo is RR2 is not fun anymore and not at all for sure.

Big man Drum warned this earlier this would happen … Drum yeah as you said “Looser Bonus” made guys unhappy now… Yeah you were right man  :slight_smile:


It took a long time to understand but , Drum was right  :wink:

The looser bonus was an attempt to balance the game between higher and lower alliance. Unfortunately it just made wars even more grueling. Grueling wars are not fun. They take way too much of your time. After the war you are just to tired to want to play the game in normal mode. The wars need to be good on strategy but less time consuming.


The game doesn’t need balancing between higher and lower alliances in reality. The world has several super powers as can RR, we don’t expect the The Isle of Man to take on Russia or Accrington Stanley to take on Barca and win, why should this be the case in RR. There is an attrition rate of players in all the top alliances so new blood is added regularly, therefore kings can progress as they develop. Left to its own devices over a period of time with less of flares hand in season match ups the game would have balanced out.

Bye. Kinda sad too see one of great medals farm gone  :mellow:

Bye, MasterC, old friend !


Good decision to leave while the fun lasts, wonder how long I will keep this up …


Flare, with the last update you are really breaking the limits, even of my tolerance:

(1) Stop chests for skulls, that s too simple, just buying victory

(2) I doubt dragons work as intended: I have trouble beating stronger bases, even after practicing a while. You sure, best Pyro dying means losing all dragon power, is intended? If so, too tedious to guard the guy, other cheaper combos

(in terms of boost costs) work much better.


All the best, MasterC, !!!


PS: guess I might follow you soon if Flare keep betatesting their game with paying customers …, and on the other hand keep up their ptw strategy that strongly



Bad and sad to see you go. But I 100% understand your reason to stop, with every update this machine is turning more and more into a time and cash consuming game.


You always have been a welcome visitor of our alliance, members enjoyed the time you was with us. Only thing remaining me is to wish you all the luck in private life, there is where you need to spend the time and cash.





Goodbye MasterC,

Sad to see you go!!

just enjoy and have fun in your life!!