Game Over.....i am out!

He is a BEE…

Buzz… Buzzz… Buzzz…buzz… :slight_smile:

For now I’m assuming Flare didn’t quite realize what a terrible decision it was to put skulls in chests.  I see hints that they are trying to improve the game, but they make a misstep here and there. Maybe give them a little time to fix things. But yes, I think Flare is at a tipping point and need to pull back from the “pay to win” trajectory they are hurtling towards.

Too late for many … they’ve left already … sad to see long term friends up and leave so quickly, but understandable I guess.

dont know you masterchief but i raid you a few time, goodbye.I also want to quit game this way, shit everything shit but maybe i give time to flaregames.i dont play long yet like many.

@drum. Your scenario where the gamers should just be happy that there are a few superpowers and kings should just join them is deeply flawed. Now I haven’t been in a top 10 alliance but have the strong impression that being in one requires not just skill, but as much or more $$$ as skill and for sure a huge time commitment. It may suit you, but I’d bet $$$ and huge time commitment are not what most gamers are looking for as the main criteria for being successful in a game.


Then those kings should not aspire top beat top alliances, that’s what I am saying. Fyi … I have not bought a single gem since January, and several of my fellow alliance members are close on free to play or ftp … but we do play … a lot!


i’m the one who caught you complaining over loser bonus in FB where in forum you said that loser bonus was GOOD, now you feel the bite from it  -_-

Sad to see you go… I never really got to know you more closely during your short time with Todes, but leaving a top alli to (successfully) found and establish a new big alli alone deserves some thanks and appreciation! 

Hey MasterC my good friend,


Understand your decision completely. I was there myself and have stayed only to help a friend with his alliance. Would have quilted months ago.

This game, because of the flares greedy short-sighted policy, became for the top players, a monstrous time and cash milking machine. Players neglect their families, jobs, business, study and for what? Does your wife care that you are #1 in an online game? Does your neighbor know that you are a leader of a most powerful alliance? Would your boss appreciate you more if you win the diamond league 10 times? NO! They couldn’t care less… It only makes them mad at you. It’s all just a virtual glory.


It was a pleasure and honor to know you and to play together with you in The Ark.

We had a lot of good time and fun. this is something you don’t forget.

Fighting, chatting, planning strategy, telling silly jokes.

You, together with Jewelmania and SuperJojo, have built in almost no-time, a wonderful empire of good and honest friends.


For me, you will always be the #1 player of this game, really a Master Chief.


I’m very sad to see you go. Goodbye MasterC, brother in arms.






Hey, stay in touch, we’re still friends on facebook :slight_smile:


Good thing most gamers aren’t like you… Btw, why not follow masterC and quit? I’m sure FG and most of us won’t miss you … -_-

Thanks Vester, appreciate your concern, but it’s MasterChief’s thread.


This game is losing one of it’s most outstanding players. Very sad.

Finally followed MasterC into exile, like so many other old friends, these days … :unsure: ByeBye, and best wishes to everyone I did not yet contact in ingame Chat …

PS: Keeping my account active within my tiny asylum alli, just in case Olympus Rising gets boring, and/or FG is messing up the approaching alli war, lol

So sad to see an old friend quit… Jewel good luck to you in everything you plan.

Bye Jewel old friend.

Oh, OR gets boring for me after 15mins lol good luck with your progress though

Keeping it plain and simple. It always helps.

  1. A win is a win if the castle goes down. You must always get trophies for that. 

  2. If a low-level player attempts to attack a high-level player then he will only gain trophies if he brings the castle down not for his try.

  3. No loser bonus. You win a war you gain femdoms. You lose…likewise.

  4. GIve a fair chance to all players in getting Uber Chests. It has changed the game scenarios. Plaid members can always buy, but free players cannot. Keep them also competitive.

These will definitely not be considered but at least we can try.  :slight_smile:


I think you post in the wrong topic An.