Game Reset During Battle

My game just reset while I was in the middle of a battle that I was well on the way to winning.  Ambrosia used to start the fight and about 15-20 trophies are gone so it seems it was decided I lost even though I was stomping through the base fairly easily.  I know I saw this issue posted previously, but I can’t seem to find it.  I wanted to mention that it’s still happening.  And to suggest when this does happen, maybe nullify that fight and return Ambrosia/trophies as if it never started since it wasn’t allowed to finish?


That’s the one I was looking for.

did the same thing happen to you too?

Yes, same exact problem.  But with Athena for me instead of Hades.

is very frustrating this 

Game reset during battle when attempting to click “Collect” to collect enough Ambrosia to resurrect.  Battle considered lost (ambrosia was gone and trophies were gone).  Game reset immediately upon clicking “Collect”.

The game’s been crashing A LOT lately

Hell, my game crashed and I lost 25 f-ing trophies.

You still loose 25 upon crashes? I thought the max you loose now is 15 no matter what. Also, the game crashes when you use Tartarus with Ariadne having spawned plenty of troops, which is annoying and rather counterproductive (Thats more on the optimization side, but still somewhat related)

Yes, from 5528 to 5503 when my game crashed.

Well are you sure about that as I am pretty sure bruv the maximum limit for trophy loss is -15 after the introduction of new trophy system.

the same crash happened to me too, fixed things, just steal ambrosia in the hope of making us use the gems

Yes I am very sure, I wouldn’t lie about it. I always look at my trophy count before and after a battle so I know that I lost 25 trophies when my game crashed.

I wouldn’t have any photographic evidence but I am 100000000% sure it was 25 trophies.

I’ve noticed that as well ?

That’s the most you can lose when someone beats you on defense. You can lose a lot more if you bomb on offense, although I think less than before? 

Even before the update, 25 was not the max … perhaps that you can win, but you could lose up to 31 if i remember correctly (usually crashing at start and making a fat 0% against an opponent much weaker than you).

So it makes sense that if 15 is what we get usually while winning 100% at max, the bottom is not -15 but something higher. 

Just my guess

Yes, maximum is minus 15 trophies on defence, on offence I don’t know how many is the maximum since last update but I know I lost 25 trophies.

Disconnecting during a battle has happened to me three times since I started this game, the first two times I lost 32. I lost 25 after the update.